Nicole Grywalski, LMSW

Nicole Grywalski - Family Therapist specialized in trauma focused care | Newport Academy

Family Therapist

Nicole Grywalski, LMSW

Nicole Grywalski specializes in treating substance abuse, anxiety, depression, and trauma-focused care. Hence, she uses Trauma-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Attachment-Based Family Therapy to address underlying issues. Nicole’s previous positions include foster-care clinician at Family and Children’s Agency and substance abuse counselor at Liberation Programs, Inc., both in Norwalk, Connecticut. In addition, she served as a residential counselor for the adolescent Transitional Living Program at Silver Hill Hospital in New Canaan, Connecticut. Nicole’s work is also informed by her own experience of suffering from anxiety as a child, and learning how to cope with it during her adolescence and early adulthood.

Newport Academy…in her own words

“I love working with our clients and families, as well as the warm, caring staff. The work we do is truly valued here.”–Nicole Grywalski

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