Referral to Treatment

At Newport Academy, we honor the fact that you’re entrusting us with the well-being of someone you care about.

Our national clinical outreach team works hand in hand with referring professionals to ensure a seamless admissions process for teens and young adults who may be struggling with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, trauma, substance abuse, or another of the alarmingly diverse and growing range of mental health diagnoses. The outreach team coordinates next steps depending on the type of referral to treatment and what each situation calls for.

How Newport Academy is Different

1-on-1 Relationships

We often speak one-on-one with professionals about specific program details, so they can get to know us and our approach. Newport Academy is a holistic treatment provider committed to treating every teen and young adult as an individual with unique needs.

Community Resources

We offer options for community resources to support parents, siblings, and the individual referred to Newport Academy, with the goal of helping the whole family navigate the scary and challenging experience of exploring and entering treatment.

Tailored Treatment Plans

The outreach team and individual placing a referral to treatment discuss the admissions process and how the family can best be served. The referring healthcare professional can set up a family call with our Admissions team, or they may recommend that the family speak to one of our outreach professionals. Sometimes families benefit from speaking to someone in their community first.

The Rehab Referral is a Priority

We know that the professional referent has created a therapeutic relationship with the teen being referred to treatment, and therefore can offer invaluable insight to Newport Academy. For that reason, we make sure to include the referring healthcare professional in the process from the very first call.

Communication of Progress

Our outreach team ensures that the family signs a release of information for the teen entering Newport Academy, so we can provide daily updates to the referring healthcare professional during the application process. During treatment, the referring healthcare professional will receive weekly updates, at a minimum, from the adolescent’s on-site clinician, either by phone or email. This provides the opportunity for the two providers to speak directly about a teen or young adult’s treatment plan and their progress—optimizing the potential for success.

… and the Best Part?

Here’s the best part about Newport Academy’s mental health and drug treatment referral services: We’ll help, no matter what. If you know a teen or young adult who you think needs help, call us. Even if Newport Academy is not the right fit, we’ll find a partner or resource that is. Our mission is to empower teens and young adults and restore families—whatever it takes.

Get Started Today - Do you know someone struggling with depression, anxiety, mental health, or substance abuse?

All calls are always confidential.

… and the Best Part?

Here’s the best part about Newport Academy’s mental health and drug treatment referral services: We’ll help, no matter what. If you know a teen or young adult who you think needs help, call us. Even if Newport Academy is not the right fit, we’ll find a partner or resource that is. Our mission is to empower teens and young adults and restore families—whatever it takes.

We Work with You, So You Can Work with Us

We’ve outlined exactly what to expect when placing a referral to treatment
for a potential teen or young adult who needs help.

Before a Resident Has Been Admitted

Treatment professionals, potential residents, or family members may call our Admissions Specialists 24/7 at 877-929-5105 (US toll-free) or +1-714-798-9320 (int’l). The Specialist will conduct an initial conversation with the caller placing the rehab referral to discuss the presenting issues. The caller will be asked to identify if the resident is already working with an outside treatment provider, who will be contacted for clinical information. Callers will learn about Newport Academy’s programs and approach to treatment. In addition, the Admissions Specialist can verify insurance benefits and discuss financial arrangement options.

Pre-Admission Assessment

Our Specialists work closely with the prospective resident and their family throughout the admission process. A pre-admission assessment takes place over the phone with the clinician, prospective resident, or other family member. The Admissions Specialist gathers any pertinent clinical information from the referring healthcare professional at this time.

If the resident is appropriate for admission, the next step is to make travel arrangements and take care of other logistics. Our Specialists make every effort to ensure that a family’s or young person’s journey to one of our campuses is as easy as possible, including booking air travel and/or nearby accommodations. We are there for you every step of the way.

When a Resident Is Admitted

The referent is a key person in the coordination of treatment planning, as well as discharge planning. Referring healthcare professionals will be notified of a resident’s safe arrival within 24 hours of their admission. The resident will also be asked to sign a release within the first 24 hours so information can be shared with their outside treatment healthcare professional.

Join Us Because

We recognize the importance of involving the individuals in a teen or young adult’s support network who have experience with their history, insight into their needs, and an emotional investment in their successful recovery.

“Newport Academy’s unique treatment model is ideal for my teen clients, because it’s customized to fit the client’s needs. The clinical outreach team has always gone out of their way to be helpful throughout the treatment process.”

– Monica Dutke, MFA, MPS, ATR, LPC

“Newport Academy holds a crucial place in the treatment and recovery community for young people and their families. Their belief in the importance of unconditional love to create healing for teens and their families is palpable and in action in the program.”

– Mary Kennedy, LCSW

“Placing adolescents and young adults in treatment is not an easy task. One of the most difficult parts is helping the family understand the process and helping them feel that a facility will be the best fit for their child. I can ALWAYS count on Newport Academy to put a family at ease and feel confident that they are making the right decision.”

– Amy Hetrick, Owner, Thornbury Farm House recovery program, West Chester, Pennsylvania

“As an individual who works with patients and families, it’s often difficult to discern between programs that have the newest bells and whistles, from the ones that truly offer robust clinical services. Newport Academy has a family of clinicians that truly understand the intricate working pieces of offering outstanding treatment. The programming elasticity has the ability to meet a wide spectrum of disorders for patients, while maintaining individualized care.”

– Chandler Keel, Senior National Outreach Coordinator, Summit Behavioral Healthcare

FAQs for Referring Healthcare Professionals

Residential programs in California, Connecticut, and Virginia have a physician on site during regular admission hours. Complete physical examinations are conducted during the first few days of admission. All of our Newport Academy locations are staffed around the clock by experienced nurses. For urgent and emergency medical and psychiatric care needs, we refer residential patients to local resources, such as acute care hospitals, specialty physicians, and psychiatrists.

Psychiatrists are onsite at our residential programs and outpatient programs to assess clients’ mental health status, and can provide psychiatric referral services such as medication management. Psychologists, licensed family therapists, experiential therapists, and social workers are also available at all residential locations to provide additional support. Our intake counselors gather mental health backgrounds during the assessment process, and with the permission of the client, discuss their needs with their outside mental healthcare provider.

All of our programs are proven to achieve positive outcomes in healing mental health and substance abuse disorders. However, we are not a locked psychiatric hospital or teen mental hospital, and if your client’s condition is too severe to be safely accommodated at Newport Academy, we will place a referral to treatment for your teen or young adult to another provider.

Upon admission to one of our residential teen treatment centers, each adolescent is assigned an eight-person Treatment Team that develops a personalized program to ensure positive growth and sustainable healing. The Treatment Team consists of:

  1. Psychiatrist
  2. Individual Therapist
  3. Family Therapist
  4. Medical Doctor/Pediatrician
  5. Registered Nurse
  6. Registered Dietician/Nutritionist
  7. Counselor
  8. Clinical Director, who oversees the Treatment Team

Up to 100 percent of Newport Academy’s service are covered by insurance. We can work with insurance plan types, including PPO, HMO, POS, and EPO, for most major insurance carriers. As a result, the highest quality healthcare treatment is accessible for your patients, and their out-of-pocket expenses are reduced.

Learn more about Newport Academy’s insurance coverage.

Our model of care recognizes that the family is a holistic system, naturally interconnected and interdependent. Each family member plays an integral part in the wellness of the entire family. Upon admission, families are provided with extensive information about the family therapy work they will be doing at Newport Academy. Parents attend Orientation, where they meet the entire Treatment Team and are assigned a designated point person who will answer any questions they might have, update them on progress, and provide support throughout their teen’s healing process. This Newport Academy team member ensures that communication is clear and ongoing throughout treatment.

The family experience at Newport Academy includes the Parent Orientation, weekly family therapy, Family Day every other Saturday, and a Family Intensive Workshop. Communication and education facilitate holistic recovery, which is essential to sustained healing for the entire family. It is the integration of care that generates sustainable healing, as the entire family learns healthier, more harmonious behaviors together.

Newport Academy Day Conferences

Our young people need a new approach to mental health treatment. Our groundbreaking conferences explore topics of vital interest to professionals and parents—from current trends in teen suicide and depression to the epidemic of ADHD over-diagnosis. Through collaboration, research, and innovation, we’re setting the stage for meaningful evolution in the treatment field.

Rethinking Teen & Young Adult Mental Health: A Path to Sustainable Healing

Newport Academy’s day conferences explore creative, evidence-based solutions for teens and their families who are struggling with mental health issues. Participating mental health and healthcare professionals will experience dynamic, interactive workshops on how to help teens create authentic connections with self, peers, and family. Professionals may earn up to seven continuing education credits.

Accreditation, Licensing, & Affiliations

Our innovative approach to mental healthcare and dedication to client success has helped us achieve accreditation from The Joint Commission, exceed licensing standards of care, and nurture affiliations with the following: