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Male Residential Treatment Facility Locations

The right environment is key for successful treatment. Our residential teen and young adult treatment centers span the length of the East and West Coasts. Each location offers comfort and natural beauty to cultivate transformation and healing from mental health issues, trauma, eating disorders, and substance abuse.

Gender-Specific and Age-Specialized Treatment

Research has shown that gender-specific residential treatment facility is most effective in treating mental health issues, trauma, eating disorders, and substance abuse. Newport Academy’s nationwide residential treatment programs provide gender-separate campuses where teens and young adults can achieve sustainable healing.We invite you to contact our Admissions team and take a tour of our facilities today.

We hold this healing space in deep reverence, and we are here for your teen and your family, every step of the way.

Newport Academy Teen and Young Adult Residential Treatment Facility Locations

Our boarding academy locations offer privacy and safety, in surroundings of natural beauty, with a limited number of residents at any given time. Experience has taught us that keeping our groups small and intimate results in dramatically better outcomes for sustainable healing and personal growth. Our tailored clinical approach and gender-specific treatment environments are designed to allow adolescent males to feel comfortable in their own skin and build strong peer support—essential in the treatment and recovery process.

To protect the privacy of our residents, we do not disclose the addresses of our residential teen treatment facilities to the public. If you are interested in learning more about our locations, please call us.

California: Southern

With California currently ranking near the bottom of the scale when it comes to accessing mental health treatment, and with suicide rates on the rise, the need for teen treatment in Southern California is more urgent than ever. From Orange County and Camarillo, Ventura County, ranging up to Santa Barbara, the Newport Academy Southern California rehabilitation locations offer views of the serene Santa Ana Valley and proximity to the 1,269-acre Santiago Oaks Regional Park, a nature lover’s paradise. Conveniently located near Los Angeles and a short drive from John Wayne Airport, Newport Academy Southern California boarding schools treat teens in well-appointed private homes separated by gender.

California: Northern

The Newport Academy Northern California residential treatment centers are located in the serene San Francisco Bay Area, close to beautiful seaside parks and open spaces; and in Sacramento, with easy access to major airports as well as peaceful nature preserves. Our Northern California behavioral health facilities treat teens with mental health conditions and co-occurring disorders, such as substance abuse and device dysregulation, also known as tech addiction. Newport Academy Northern California facilities treat teens through an integrative approach that encompasses a variety of experiential therapies, from horticulture therapy to yoga, coupled with clinical modalities and strengths-based academics.

Newport Academy Northern California Residence Backyard
Newport Academy Connecticut buildings


At the center of a breathtaking 120-acre nature preserve, the Newport Academy East Coast location is surrounded by beautiful foliage, rolling hills, and flowing streams. The Newport Academy CT campus is convenient to both New York City and Connecticut airports, and offers a bucolic setting in which teens can find inner peace and personal healing. Residences are secluded and gender-separate, with comfortable common areas for downtime, group sessions, and relationship building.


The Newport Academy Minnesota program for teen boys provides compassionate, outcomes-driven care in a comfortable, home-like environment that features a wide variety of amenities for experiential therapy. Within a one-hour drive of Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport, our residential treatment facility is adjacent to the Mississippi River in a serene natural setting. With nearly a quarter of high school seniors in Minnesota reporting suicidal thoughts, the need for teen treatment centers here is vital. Newport Academy’s clinical model of care for teen boys addresses the underlying causes of mental health and co-occurring disorders, not just the behavioral symptoms.

Newport Academy location in Oakley Utah


The Newport Academy Utah male residential treatment center serves teens from the Mountain West—comprised of Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado and Nevada—and from around the country. Because the Rocky Mountain Region has the highest suicide rate in the mainland United States, and some of the worst rankings for youth depression in the nation, Utah mental health treatment is in high demand. Families often choose the Mountain West as an ideal location to find treatment for their teen, given its close proximity to nature and opportunities for outdoor therapeutic experiences. Newport’s Oakley program integrates experiential modalities like Adventure Therapy, in locations including nearby Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest, with evidence-based clinical and academic/life skills modalities, forming the foundation of our industry-leading approach.


The Newport Academy Virginia male residential facility is set in a serene neighborhood, with easy access to Washington DC’s transportation hubs and cultural attractions. With Virginia ranking 45th out of the 50 states when it comes to access to quality mental health services, the Newport Academy Virginia location is vital to serve teens in Virginia and surrounding areas. The campus is also close to an 800-acre park and 300-acre nature preserve along the Potomac River, as well as local historic sites.

Cherry Blossom and Bridge on Potomac River, Washington DC

Washington State

Newport Academy Washington State is located outside of Seattle in the stunning Pacific Northwest. Surrounded by lush forests; pristine, mountainous shorelines; and tranquil waters, our residential treatment facility offers young men in their teens and early adult years a secure environment in which they can safely overcome challenges and focus on healing from their mental health concerns. Just a few hours from the Seattle airport, our campus features serene spaces for personal reflection, natural amenities that support physical well-being, dedicated rooms for experiential therapy, and common areas for group sessions that foster community.

What to Know Before you Arrive

Take a Tour

Want to check out one of our male residential treatment facility locations? We are happy to show you around. We invite you to contact our Admissions team and take a tour of our facilities today.

What to Bring

Bring about 10 days’ worth of clothing that is seasonally appropriate, including comfortable clothes and workout clothes. We have laundry facilities in each of our houses, so you will be able to wash your clothes while you are here.

Insurance Coverage

Newport Academy accepts a wide range of rehab insurance plans and provides financing options. We take great pride in the fact that we have a full-time, in-house team dedicated to supporting our families through the rehab insurance coverage and financing process.