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The Newport Code of Ethics

The importance of ethics in healthcare cannot be overstated. Therefore, Newport Healthcare, the parent organization for Newport Academy and Newport Institute, operates according to a professional Code of Ethics. This Code of Ethics is informed by our values and defined by our guiding principles.

First and Foremost

Patient well-being is our primary and overriding consideration. In making decisions regarding care, we start with the client, not with the company. We hold ourselves to the highest standard in upholding the ethics of mental healthcare.

Our Mission

We are a results-driven healing organization that provides state-of-the-art integrated care to individuals and families struggling with mental health concerns. We provide a foundation of well-being to foster sustainable healing and resilience in teens, young adults, families, and communities. We are dedicated to empowering lives, restoring families, and inspiring hope.

Our Vision

To be the innovator in behavioral health treatment, a pioneer in removing the stigma of mental health, and the leading provider of sustainable healing.

Our Values

Patient First. We will always put patient safety and well-being first in our decision making.

Love. We’ll love you until you love yourself.

Excellence. We employ a standard of excellence in all that we do.

Empathy. We don’t just show you the way out of the darkness, we walk out of it with you.

Connection. We facilitate the building of authentic connections, first with yourself and then with the community around you.

We will do whatever it takes.

Our Guiding Principles

Newport Healthcare’s professional Code of Ethics includes the following guiding principles that inform our decisions regarding programming, hiring, and employee conduct expectations. Moreover, these principles would inform our response to any Newport Healthcare, Newport Institute, or Newport Academy lawsuit or legal action.

  • We provide the highest quality of care, regardless of a client’s ability to pay.

To ensure the highest quality of care, we conduct ongoing internal assessments of our programming, third-party outcomes research, and quality assurance processes. We make clinical decisions based on patient well-being and the assessed needs of each individual. The therapeutic alliance (the relationship between therapist and client) is carefully evaluated. The quality of care provided does not depend on the individual’s ability to pay. Moreover, Newport Academy is LegitScript certified, a stamp of approval indicating that our treatment programs adhere to all industry standards, and that consumers can expect a direct and transparent approach when seeking treatment.

  • Improvement is the highest priority of leadership.

Our leadership strives to constantly improve the services we offer our clients and families. Whenever organizational changes are made, leaders reevaluate and reprioritize performance improvement activities in response to those changes.

  • All client information is private and protected.

As part of our professional Code of Ethics, we take every precaution to secure client written, oral and electronic information and records under the federal regulations for confidentiality, client rights, and HIPAA patient rights.

  • We hold our staff to the highest standards of conduct.

All employees agree to maintain a Code of Conduct that details our policies and procedures, which are focused on providing the utmost safety and security for our clients and families. Therefore, when clients or families ask us, “Is Newport safe?” or “Will Newport keep me safe?,” we are able to assure them that maintaining patient well-being and security—both personally and regarding HIPAA patient rights—is our highest priority.

  • We work to combat racial and cultural bias in our organization and in the behavioral healthcare field.

We are actively recruiting to create a more diverse workplace, and have established a Diversity Advisory Council, made up of Newport employees across multiple locations and levels of the company, to further equity and inclusion. We prioritize diversity in the content we share with our audiences, and among the influencers featured in our public and industry events.

  • We have a zero tolerance policy regarding all forms of harassment.

As an organization committed to treating trauma resulting from physical, emotional, and/or sexual assault, we have adopted a zero tolerance policy for all forms of harassment. Verbal or physical conduct by an employee that harasses, disrupts, arrests, or interferes with another’s work performance, or creates an intimidating, offensive, or hostile environment, will not be tolerated. Reports or allegations of sexual assault or harassment by an employee on the basis of race, culture, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, marital status, socioeconomic status, language spoken, gender, sexual orientation, or physical appearance will prompt a comprehensive investigation that may lead to immediate termination. We also hold a zero tolerance policy in regard to any and all behavior that could be perceived as teen grooming, including improper relationships, inappropriate gifting, providing alcohol to minors, or anything else that could pose risk of injury to a minor in our care.

Resources for Our Community

Our Code of Ethics includes a commitment to providing services to our community and partnering with local and national organizations that share our dedication to supporting teen and young adult mental health and patient well-being.

Donating to Our Communities

As a part of our corporate social responsibility efforts, Newport funds initiatives aligned with our Education and Youth Workforce Development strategies, in regions where our employees live and work, and beyond. Since 2016, we have donated millions in free, unfunded care to local and national organizations—including To Write Love On Her Arms, a suicide-prevention organization that works to increase awareness and access to treatment.

Education and Workforce Development

We believe in investing in our youth from the classroom to the boardroom, and all the milestones in between. Our academic, vocational, and independent-living initiatives help level the playing field for youth by ensuring that they have tools for staying happy and healthy at school and in the workplace.

The Jason Foundation

The Jason Foundation was founded by Clark Flatt after his youngest son, Jason, fell victim to the “silent epidemic” of youth suicide. Clark has dedicated his life to suicide prevention through educational and awareness programs that equip young people, parents, educators, and youth workers with the tools and resources to help identify and assist at-risk teens. Newport is a Jason Foundation Pillar Affiliate, serving as a hub where parents, teachers, guidance counselors, students, churches, and other community organizations can obtain educational materials and learn about the foundation’s training programs.

Botvin LifeSkills: Evidence-Based Prevention Programs

Newport maintains an active partnership with the Botvin LifeSkills Training (LST) High School program, an interactive, skills-based curriculum designed to promote positive health and personal development for youth in 9th and 10th grades. This evidence-based prevention program helps youth develop personal, interpersonal, and drug-resistance skills, so they can better navigate the social challenges of high school and of living independently. A study in World of Preventative Medicine found that this social good program decreases drug abuse by up to 75 percent, and reduces violence in teens by up to 50 percent.

Community Support Groups

Newport Healthcare offers parent support groups to the community at no cost, providing the support of our clinicians as well as beneficial connections with other parents. The primary objective of our support groups is to provide information and tools to support sustainable healing for teens and young adults. Our licensed therapists also offer support groups for teens and young adults, to facilitate honest dialogue around what it means to engage with today’s world as a Gen Z or millennial.