In alignment with our mission to empower and restore families, we've compiled mental health resources for teens to inform, educate, and inspire our greater community. It is our mission to serve audiences as a teen rehab and to help families live a healthy, happier life. 

Newport Academy Mental Health Resources: LGBT suicide statistics
Mental Health

New Research on LGBTQ Teen Suicide Rates

Reading Time: 6 minutes New research from the Trevor Project’s 2022 National Survey on LGBTQ Youth Mental Health underlines a consistent trend: Lesbian, gay, bi, and transgender teens are at increased risk of suicide. One […]

Mental Health

How to Support LGBTQ Youth

Reading Time: 5 minutes LGBTQ youth face the same challenges that all teens grapple with during this time of life. And they also must cope with an additional set of challenges. All too often, […]

Newport Academy Treatment Resources: types of mental health treatment

Types of Teen Mental Health Treatment

Reading Time: 6 minutes Adolescent treatment for teenage depression, teen anxiety, and other teen mental health challenges takes time and care. Different stages of the healing process may require different types of mental health […]

Teenager crying on her bed
Mental Health

Why Is My Teenager Crying All the Time?

Reading Time: 5 minutes For teens, everything feels more intense, whether it’s good or bad. And crying can help a teen process and move through those emotions. Teenage crying isn’t necessarily a warning sign. […]

Teens and tragic events
Mental Health

How to Help Kids Process Tragic Events

Reading Time: 6 minutes In our hyperconnected world, people of all ages have instant access to what’s happening around the globe. Vivid images and sounds of violence and war—like what’s happening now in Ukraine—can […]

Restoring Families

How to Deal with a Rebellious Teen

Reading Time: 5 minutes Rebellion is a natural part of being a teenager and growing up. By rebelling against authority, teenagers are expressing their beliefs and preferences as a distinct person separate from their […]