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Newport Academy Empowering Teens Today Show Maria Shriver
Empowering Teens

Newport Academy Featured on a Special Today Show Series

Newport Academy on the Today Show The Today Show came to Newport Academy to learn the truth from teens struggling with mental health concerns. NBC’s Maria Shriver visited Newport Academy to kickoff of the Today Show’s special series, “The Secret Lives of Teens.” Maria spoke with a group of Newport Academy alumni who bravely shared [...]
Newport Academy Mental Health Resources Teen Depression Anxiety
Mental Health

How to Cure Teen Anxiety and Depression Without Risking Lives

By Jamison Monroe, Jr. Teen anxiety and depression are real concerns. But what’s also a concern is the way we approach mental health in our society. We look for an external fix. Because we are taught that a pill can fix everything, we rely on easy solutions to our problems. Furthermore, pharmaceutical companies see greater […]

Newport Academy Restoring Families Resources One Thing Parents Must Do for Kids Self-care_
Restoring Families

The One Thing Parents Should Do for Their Kids

By Jamison Monroe Jr., Founder and CEO of Newport Academy Parents are amazing. In my line of work, I talk every day with parents who would do anything for their kids. They would give their children the clothes off their backs, take a bullet for them—every cliché you can think of. But there’s one thing that [...]
Newport Academy Mental Health Resources ADHD Nation
Mental Health

The Truth Behind the National ADHD Epidemic

Pulitzer Prize-Nominated Journalist Alan Schwarz Exposes the Truth Behind the National ADHD Epidemic  —Jamison Monroe, Jr. ADHD is an important topic for me—for many of us. I’m not shy about sharing my personal story of addiction and recovery, so when investigative reporter Alan Schwarz, a Pulitzer Prize finalist, called to ask about my experience with [...]
Restoring Families Resources: Five Ways to Make Family Dinner a Joy Not a Chore
Restoring Families

Five Ways to Make Family Dinner a Joy, Not a Chore

By Rachel Fortune, MD, FAAP National Medical Director for Newport Academy We all know that eating together as a family is a smart thing to do—and an increasing amount of research is proving just how smart it is. Studies show that the benefits for kids of eating family dinners on a regular basis include better [...]
Newport Academy Empowering Teens Resources: Why Teen Athletes Use Performance Enhancing Drugs and How We Can Stop It
Empowering Teens

Why Teen Athletes Use Performance-Enhancing Drugs—and How We Can Stop It

Featuring Kristin Wilson, National Director for Clinical Outreach at Newport Academy PED use in early adolescence When we hear about the use of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs), it’s usually via media coverage of Olympic athletes and other celebrities. PED use often occurs in early adolescence. The kid who’s striving for the perfect grades or to perform […]

Newport Academy Treatment_Resources_Gender Specific Treatment Works

Why Gender-Specific Treatment Works

Gender-specific environments are a part of a well-rounded rehabilitation treatment program, but why? Do biological and behavioral factors leading to self-destruction vary for males and females? How much does age matter? The answers are nuanced and research reveals new information. Studies show men and women are impacted differently by mental health struggles, especially addiction. What, how, and why people [...]
Newport Academy Resources Alumni Facing Addiction Washington DC

Unite to Break the Silence of Addiction

Unite to Face Addiction This weekend in Washington DC, something historic will happen. Thousands will come together to face addiction and stand up for recovery. The Unite To Face Addiction rally represents a joining of forces toward a common goal. We’re honored to host with others such as Bill Weld, Christina Huffington, Daryl Strawberry, and Tommy Rosen. Among the performers headlining are Steven […]