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Newport Academy Mental Health Resources Teen Bipolar Disorder Signs Symptoms Treatment Hero
Mental Health

Teen Bipolar Disorder: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Teen Bipolar Disorder Bipolar disorder typically begins in the teen years. Therefore, it is important for parents and healthcare professionals to familiarize themselves with the most common bipolar symptoms in teens, as well as treatment strategies. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, bipolar disorder impacts approximately 2.6 percent of American adults. However, the […]

Restoring Families

Seven Important Things to Expect from Family Therapy

What to Expect from Family Therapy The support of close friends and family members is essential when a teen is recovering from a mental health disorder. At the same time, mental illness and recovery can bring up conflict and confusion within family units. Family therapy provides an avenue through which family members can learn more [...]
Newport Academy Mental Health Resources: Why Kids Can't Sit Still
Mental Health

Why Kids Can’t Sit Still

More than 10 percent of American children are taking ADHD medication. According to some studies, that number is actually 15 percent. These statistics clearly warrant closer examination by mental health professionals, doctors, and parents. While experts agree that ADHD is real, there are many children and teens who do not have the disorder, yet are […]

Newport Academy Treatment Resources How To Help Teens Transition After Residential Treatment Hero

How to Help Teens Transition Home After Residential Treatment

The goal of a residential teen treatment program is to help adolescents develop coping strategies to sustain their mental health and lead a fulfilling, healthy life. During a residential therapy program, teens gain the tools they need to pursue their personal goals. After completing treatment, teens have to apply these lessons to daily life. Returning […]

Newport Academy Treatment Resources: Holistic Treatment for Teens

Body, Mind, and Spirit: A Holistic Approach to Teen Mental Health

Today’s teens need mental health treatment that goes beyond talk therapy. A holistic approach to therapy addresses wellness on every level. That includes body, mind, and spirit. Teens flourish with a holistic approach to care. In addition, an integrated approach treats the underlying causes of self-destructive behaviors. This is ideal, rather than just the symptoms. […]

Newport Academy Community Resources: Jamison Monroe and Carter Barnhart Awards

Carter Barnhart and Jamison Monroe Honored for Dedication and Commitment to Teen Treatment

An Unsung Hero Carter Barnhart, Newport Academy Director of Referral Relations, was recently awarded the UnSung Hero Award, presented by Caron Foundation. Carter was recognized at Caron’s 12th Annual Greater New York Community Service Awards Breakfast. Carter was commended for her dedication and commitment to helping those in need receive access to mental health and […]

Newport Academy Mental Health Resources: Rethinking Teen Mental Health Day Conference
Mental Health

Rethinking Teen Mental Health

Our young people need a new approach to mental health treatment. Since 2003, the number of ADHD diagnoses has increased by 43 percent. In some states, more than 10 percent of children are taking medication for the disorder. Meanwhile, another 5 million American youth, ages 17 and under, are using antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs. Are […]