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Newport Academy Well-being Resources: Yoga for anxiety

Yoga for Anxiety and Depression

Reading Time: 6 minutes During a time when 70 percent of teens are struggling with their mental health, the need for accessible stress-management tools is greater than ever before. Yoga is one of the […]

A group of smiling teens of various ethnicities embrace each other. Implicit bias is the unconscious prejudice that some of these teens matter more than others because of the socially-defined concept of race.
Empowering Teens

How to Talk About Race with Teens

Reading Time: 6 minutes Racism and racial bias aren’t easy topics to discuss with teenagers. But it’s important for parents to learn how to talk about race, because teens often have questions about racism. […]

Restoring Families

Parenting a Teen with Anxiety

Reading Time: 3 minutes Having a teen with anxiety often makes parents anxious, too. Watching your child navigate life while dealing with anxiety brings up ongoing questions and concerns about their behaviors and choices. […]

Mental Health

What Is CBT Treatment?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a form of talk therapy used across the recovery spectrum. Therapists or psychologists use CBT treatment to help patients become aware of irrational or negative […]