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Newport Academy Empowering Teens Resources: Why Teen Athletes Use Performance Enhancing Drugs and How We Can Stop It
Empowering Teens

Why Teens Athletes Use Performance-Enhancing Drugs—and How We Can Stop It

Featuring Kristin Wilson, National Director for Clinical Outreach at Newport Academy PED use in early adolescence When we hear about the use of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs), it’s usually via media coverage of Olympic athletes and other high-profile athletes. But PED use happens within traditional family systems, often in early adolescence. The kid who’s striving for [...]
Newport Academy Treatment_Resources_Gender Specific Treatment Works

Why Gender-Specific Treatment Works

Gender-specific environments are a part of a well-rounded treatment program, but why? Do biological and behavioral factors leading to addiction vary for males and females? How much does age matter? The answers are nuanced and research reveals new information. Studies show men and women are impacted differently by addiction. What, how, and why people use substances can vary widely. [...]
Newport Academy Resources Alumni Facing Addiction Washington DC

Unite to Break the Silence of Addiction

This weekend in Washington DC, something historic happens. Thousands of individuals and hundreds of organizations will come together to face addiction and stand up for recovery. The Unite To Face Addiction rally, a free event on the National Mall this Sunday, October 4, represents a powerful joining of forces toward the pursuit of a common […]

Newport Academy Outcomes


At Newport Academy, we are dedicated to long-term, sustainable healing. We take the success of our clients very seriously. To this point, we monitor 15 different treatment goals concerning family, academics, and behavior. The five graphs on this page show exceptional outcomes as a result of Newport Academy's various treatment programs.* Depression, Stress & Anxiety [...]
Newport Academy Restoring Families Resources Families Seek Therapy
Restoring Families

Family Therapy Creates Connection

Family therapy has become an important part of our culture. It is fairly common for families to have disagreements and challenging communication. In many cases, disputes between spouses, fights between parents and children, and arguments between siblings can be resolved over a period of time by talking and coming to a mutual agreement. But other […]

Newport Academy Restoring Families Resources: Teen Drug Treatment Parents Prepare Child For Rehab
Restoring Families

Preparing For Teen Treatment: It’s Not a Punishment

Teens need assistance dealing with challenges in a manner that makes them feel safe. Teen treatment will help your child face family, peers, finding a job, and choosing a college from a place of health and vitality. A teen-focused treatment stay will also help your teenager learn how to handle their emotions and the constantly […]

Newport Academy Empowering Teens Resources: Health Well-Being Reckless Behavior
Empowering Teens

Speaking with Teens About Reckless Behavior

There is one pertinent medical fact that should be taken into consideration when talking to teens about reckless behavior. According to the experts, the adolescent brain is not fully developed. In fact, the human brain does not complete its development until well into a person’s 20s. The average age differs between boys and girls, but […]