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Why Choose Newport Academy?

Newport Academy is a network of teen mental health and substance abuse treatment centers with the mission to provide teens and their families with the highest-quality care and treatment for trauma, mental health issues, eating disorders, and substance abuse.

  • Struggling teens are not “broken.”

    Rather, they are confronting the human experience of coming into conflict with their environments. This is a process that is especially intense for adolescents as they develop and grow. When society teaches teens that they are “not enough,” they sometimes seek to address that pain with dysfunctional behaviors. What they are truly in search of is a sense of belonging and connection with themselves and those around them. At Newport Academy, we give teens the life skills and self-understanding that allows them to find their place in the world.

  • The core issue we address is a lack of self-esteem.

    When adolescents arrive at Newport Academy, they are typically struggling with insecurity and low self-esteem. Our approach to teen mental health treatment is to address the core issues that cause depression, teen anxiety, and self-destructive behaviors. When we look past behaviors influenced by teenage drug abuse and/or mental health struggles, we are able to see the underlying catalysts driving behavior. We guide our teens through their struggles and help them find a path to self-acceptance and healthy living.

  • Our philosophy is love.

    We meet our teens where they are, and provide a safe, accepting, and nurturing environment. Therefore, this allows us to address emotions, patterns, and behaviors as they surface. When an adolescent arrives at Newport Academy, our compassionate staff loves them until they can love themselves. The internal healing begins as they learn to see themselves as beautiful, bright, and powerful people who are able to take control of their own lives. Furthermore, unconditional love is the foundation of this transformative process and key to our approach to teen healthcare.

  • Family therapy is the cornerstone of our clinical treatment model.

    Family involvement is critical to the successful outcome of teen treatment. Adolescence is a stage of development with increased tension and minimal communication in the child-parent relationship. While adolescents strive for independence, parents need to learn skills and new ways of relating to their child. While both teens and parents desire a deeper, more meaningful relationship with one another, they just don’t know how. Newport Academy integrates Attachment-Based Family Therapy as our family therapy model to support families to redefine their relationships with improved communication, increased understanding, and expression of vulnerable feelings, to instill hope and rebuild trust. Learn more about Attachment-Based Family Therapy at Newport Academy.

  • We believe comprehensive teen treatment takes time and requires varied therapeutic modalities.

    We provide an ideal setting for teens to begin their recovery in a loving, supportive environment. Inpatient Residential stays at Newport Academy range from 45 to 120 days in a gender-specific residential setting. Furthermore, our gender-specific treatment model sets the stage for the most effective treatment for teen depression, teen anxiety, substance abuse, and other mental health concerns. We allow adolescents to address their individual needs without distraction. The Newport Academy Outpatient Program is designed to help teens transitioning from Residential treatment to continue their daily recovery in a structured and secure environment. We provide a balance between recovery counseling and academic programming, ensuring that students abstain from self-destructive behaviors while earning a high school diploma and studying for college entrance exams.

  • Our treatment team has more than 500 years of combined clinical experience.

    At Newport Academy, our clinicians and practitioners are seasoned in the fields of mental health and substance abuse. Our clinical team members bring expertise from prestigious educational backgrounds and respected schools, such as Yale, Harvard, McGill, the University of California, and NYU. In addition, our practitioners offering experiential modalities have practiced under leaders in the field of complementary, integrative care.

Download our newest outcomes report, including:

  • Patient profiles and risk factors
  • How we achieved a 75% decrease in teen suicide risk and 50% decrease in depression
  • Key well-being increases in young adults—up to 5x greater
  • Survey results from patients, parents, and referents

What Defines Newport Academy’s Treatment

We think long-term.

We are committed to the lifelong recovery from mental health issues, such as teenage depression. At Newport Academy, we work towards teen’s long-term, sustainable recovery. We identify and heal the core issues that underlie self-destructive behaviors.

We offer evidence-based methods.

We use proven modalities while continuing to explore the potential of new treatment approaches.

We take a family-systems perspective.

Newport Academy uses a family-systems perspective, emphasizing and integrating family involvement in treating the underlying trauma and attachment wounds that catalyze depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and other mental health and co-occurring disorders.

We believe in gender-specific treatment.

At Newport Academy, our gender-specific teen treatment centers address the distinct differences and needs of adolescent males and females.

Each program is individualized.

We provide highly individualized, multidisciplinary treatment plans designed by mental health treatment specialists, who are the best in their respective fields.

The right environment is key.

We provide a serene, secure, and structured environment in which teens can start on the path to recovery, and maintain safe environments throughout all phases of recovery.


All calls are always confidential.