Individual Instruction

At Newport Academy, we dedicate ourselves to meet each teen where they are. We support clients emotionally, spiritually, socially, and also academically. Our teachers work with the student’s parents as well as their current school. In addition, Newport Academy’s teachers and clinicians create a customized academic plan that will best help them grow and succeed.

Furthermore, Newport Academy teachers communicate weekly with families to provide updates on academic progress and classroom behavior. Also, we offer parent-teacher conferences either on site or via Skype if needed or requested. As a result, close-knit relationships between teachers and families facilitate awareness and integrate parental involvement in the learning and recovery processes.

A Tailored Approach to Learning

The Individualized Academic Plan (IAP) is informed by a combination of neuropsychoeducational test results, current transcripts input from parents and former teachers, as well as state curriculum standards. Plans for graduation—whether through their former school, a new school, or the Newport Academy Day School —are also discussed and formulated. Ultimately, we ensure that our residents are able to stay on track academically throughout treatment, and we help them get in touch with their enthusiasm for learning as they begin to heal and thrive.

“I strongly believe in Newport Academy’s approach, and I see the benefits every day in the classroom. It is incredibly rewarding to see our students’ joy and investment in learning return and grow as they recover.” 

Ryan Fedoroff, Education Director

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