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At Newport, support and connection don't end when you leave treatment.

We're here for the whole family as the healing journey continues.

Our Alumni Program: Here for You from Day One

Newport Academy’s dedicated Alumni team begins building relationships as soon as teens and families enter our program—creating the foundation for a supportive and connected community of peers and mentors.

During treatment, our Alumni facilitators spend time with teens on campus, building rapport and giving clients insight into the many benefits of peer support. After treatment, each family is connected with an Alumni Lead and an Alumni Parent Coordinator in their region, who facilitate ongoing opportunities for in-person and online peer connection. We offer separate programming for parents and for teens, as well as special events for the entire family.

What Our Alumni Program Includes

For Teens

For Parents

For Families

For Teens

quarterly gatherings

In-person or virtual get-togethers for each region, celebrating our collective recovery milestones

tailored support groups

Themed groups focused on everything from mindfulness practice to Dungeons & Dragons to navigating the holidays, guided by teens’ interests

ongoing check-ins

Informal meetings to share how it’s going and receive unconditional love and support

For Parents

Open support groups

Virtual groups in which parents support parents in a compassionate and judgment-free environment

resource library

Timely articles, videos, book recommendations, and event information, all updated weekly

parent meetups

Regional in-person or online parent gatherings for coffee and conversation (and sometimes crafting!)

For Families

MONTHLY FAmily Groups

Opportunities for parents and siblings of teens in recovery to connect with others who understand their story

Stories of hope

Inspiring monthly webinars in which families share their experiences and achievements

online community

A monitored community feed where every family is invited to post and connect with other parents and families

We know that recovery doesn’t end when treatment is over.

For many families, the real work starts once adolescents return home. In order to achieve sustainable healing, peer support—for both teens and parents—is essential. Research shows that belonging to a community that understands your challenges and validates your wins is one of the most powerful factors in maintaining recovery. Whether you’re struggling or celebrating, there’s nothing like sharing your stories with others who truly get what you’re going through.

Our Alumni app keeps families connected to each other and to our programming.

Bringing Families Together to Build Inspiration and Hope

For parents, it can be tough to find space for connection and reflection when you’re dealing with the everyday tasks and ongoing demands of raising a teenager. For teens, it’s hard enough just coping with the emotional and practical challenges that come with adolescence.

That’s why the Newport Alumni team is dedicated to making it as easy as possible to find support and renewal whenever you need it. We understand that recovery is a journey, and we believe it’s a journey that none of us have to travel alone. We are here for you and your family.

Contact Our Alumni Team

Are you a parent considering treatment for your teen? Many of our groups are open to prospective parents, so you can meet families who have attended Newport programming and learn about their journeys in and after treatment. To connect with us and learn more about our Alumni programming, email