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“Today marks the
first day on your
path to healing.”
- Jamison Monroe
Founder & Chairman


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Today marks the first day on your path to healing. We understand firsthand the challenges that come with seeking help. Please read this letter from our founder, Jamison Monroe, for a personal account. From our many years of professional experience in the teen drug treatment space, we recognize the myriad of emotions that your family is experiencing. You are not alone.

Know the Facts


All of our services are covered by insurance

47 states

Newport Academy has admitted teens from across the country.


The Newport Academy treatment team dedicates 100% attention to you and your family every step of the way.

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To get started right away, you can fill out our immediate form submission that goes directly to our admissions experts. Our professional team will review your situation and history and determine the best next steps. This admissions form is completely confidential, and your information is protected. We will contact you following the completion and review of this contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once a teen is accepted for admission to Newport Academy, we prepare you for a smooth transition into our care. We provide support and attentive teen couseling every step of the way. This includes answering any and all questions related to our teen mental health and teen drug treatment programs. Not sure what to bring? Wondering what a typical day looks like? Our FAQs address these questions, as well as much more.


Our care also includes our immediate liaising with insurance on your behalf. We are dedicated to you and your family, and we make sure that this process is clear and smooth for you. To this end, we have a full, expert Utilization Review team to advocate for you and yours. We do everything we can to ensure that you get the most out of your insurance coverage. Insurance currently covers 100 percent of our services, recognizing that Newport Academy represents the top adolescent residential treatment centers in the United States. From the very first point of contact, the Newport Academy team is fully invested in your family’s recovery.

The Newport Academy Approach

Teens come to Newport Academy’s rehab programs because they’ve experienced one or more mental health issues, such as teen anxiety, teen depression, teen PTSD, eating disorders, self-harm, or substance abuse. Our expertise, attentiveness, and compassionate care provide adolescents with a supportive, nurturing environment. This safe space allows teens to explore teen trauma, emotional pain, destructive patterns, or challenges that have impacted their lives. In this welcoming environment, teens find a strong foundation from which to grow and thrive.

Every single one of our clients is part of a family system. When one is struggling, others are struggling, so our treatment approach to teen counseling incorporates family counseling as well. We focus on healing and support for the whole family. Through innovative models, such as Attachment-Based Family Therapy, DBT, CBT, and experiential and somatic therapies, we guide families to healthy patterns of communication and connection. As we create safe space for the entire family, we modify patterns that have been unhealthy.

The Newport Academy treatment team identifies and treats the underlying causes and conditions that lead to destructive behaviors. It is this unsurpassed level of care that drives our success. In fact, 85 percent of clients who successfully complete treatment at Newport Academy don’t need additional residential placement. Our adolescent treatment program is simply the best in the field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do we treat?

Newport Academy is recognized internationally. We work with clientele from across the United States, Canada, South America, and occasionally Europe. Our team has lectured around the world on the topics of mental health, teen trauma, treatment modalities, and innovative approaches to care.

What’s next?

If you have questions, need help, or just want to talk about what’s happening in your or your teen’s life, call us. We’ve been there, and we are here to help.

Where are your residential treatment programs located?

We have 15 programs located at eight different facilities across the country. Please call us at 866-367-8336 (international: +1-714-288-0123) so we can determine the best facility and teen counseling program for you from a clinical and geographic perspective.

How do I determine what type of residential treatment center is best for my teenager?

We have expert admissions counselors available and always standing by to help you determine which teen counseling program you and your family need.

Can I visit Newport Academy before committing?

Absolutely! We believe in what we do 100 percent, and you always have an invitation to come see us in action. Call us at 866-367-8336 to plan a visit to one of our locations.

What are some of the major differences between residential treatment programs and wilderness programs?

At Newport Academy, we offer teen counseling treatment programs in the comfort of a home-like setting, so teens can explore themselves and their behaviors in a loving environment. In the Newport Academy Residential Program, we work closely with families every step of the way in order to ensure a positive transformation in the entire family system. We do not enact punitive models of behavior modification.

Residential treatment centers for teens have been proven to generate long-term healing. With this in mind, lifelong sustainability is built into the foundation of our model of treatment. We don’t just treat symptoms. We also address the underlying causes and conditions so that true healing can take hold.

How many teens are in your program at any given time?

We offer a very high staff-to-teen ratio of 5:1. As a result, at any given time, teens will be in the company of five to nine same-sex peers.

What are the other teens in treatment like?

The adolescents we treat at Newport Academy are bright, shining spirits, who have been impacted by a myriad of mental health issues. Hence, they have experienced trauma, anxiety, depression, eating issues, and/or substance use.

What is the average length of stay at Newport Academy?

The average length of stay for our Residential Program is 60 to 90 days, depending on individual treatment and teen counseling needs, while the average length of stay for our Outpatient and Therapeutic Day School programs is 60 days to one year.

Who will be providing treatment?

Each individual treatment team consists of eight experts who specialize in teen trauma and mental health disorders, including medical staff, clinicians, counselors, and experiential therapy practitioners.

Each program is personalized based on the individual’s unique needs.

Who owns and operates Newport Academy?

Newport Healthcare is the parent company of both Newport Academy and Newport Institute, our treatment program for young adults.

What is the role of the family in the treatment process?

Family members are expected to be involved at every step of the way in our mental health treatment and teen counseling programs. We know that sustainable healing and recovery must occur within the context of a teen’s relationships with loved ones. Therefore, helping our parents and teens rebuild their family system is an integral part of our treatment process.

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