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Chief Growth Officer

Jay Campbell

Jay Campbell has more than 20 years of professional experience in business development, marketing, management, and operations for the behavioral health, medical device, and pharmaceutical industries. Before joining the Newport Academy team, Jay was the vice president of business relations for Acadia Healthcare, and prior to that, the national director of business development for CRC Health Group.

Throughout his career, Jay has advocated for people with healthcare needs by working with various providers in frontline positions, as well as through executive leadership roles, where he has consistently built teams of multidisciplinary professionals dedicated to serving their clients. His history of team creation consists of uniting and developing dedicated individuals to become trusted resources in their respective roles across multiple healthcare industries. Jay’s skill, experience, and passion inspire him to create unique cultures, connect individuals, deliver results, and develop future leaders.

Newport Academy…in his own words

“What excites me about Newport Academy is how it stands out in the industry with its constant push the envelope, be different, and be better approach to care. The people who work here are dedicated not just to meeting the client where they are at but measuring the results of our care so that we are better tomorrow than we were today. It’s an honor to be a part of an organization that is truly equipping teens and young adults and giving hope to the younger generations.” –Jay Campbell


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Select Achievements

  • Responsible for the national business development team and call center for world’s largest behavioral health services provider
  • Specialized skills in operational integration, digital marketing integration, corporate public relations, business development deployments and analytics, talent recruitment, and personnel development