Substance Abuse

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Newport Academy Substance Abuse Resources: Ecstasy
Substance Abuse

Teen Ecstasy Rehab

Ecstasy is currently used and abused by millions of young people. Many see ecstasy as a harmless party drug, but to the thousands of families who have lost a loved one […]

Newport Academy Substance Abuse Resources Teen Alcoholism
Substance Abuse

Teen Alcoholism Warning Signs

One of the most telling signs of alcoholism in a teen is when the teen connects drinking with his or her emotions. Examples include drinking heavily in celebration after winning […]

Newport Academy Substance Abuse Resources: Is Adderall Like Steroids For the Mind When Students Abuse
Substance Abuse

Adderall Abuse Among Students

The availability and misuse of prescription medications have skyrocketed nationwide, even with students on college campuses. The American College Health Association Survey reported that nearly 14 percent of students during […]

Newport Academy Substance Abuse Resources: Kratom Dangers of Use
Substance Abuse

Is Kratom Dangerous?

What is Kratom? Kratom is a tropical tree native to Southeast Asia. The leaves of the Kratom tree contain psychoactive opioid compounds. The leaves are used locally as an herbal remedy. […]