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Why It's Important Newport Academy Is LegitScript Certified

Searching for high-quality treatment options can be difficult. That’s why it’s so important to look for a program that is LegitScript certified. Newport Academy’s LegitScript certification makes it clear to the public and within the treatment field that our programs meet the highest standards for quality healthcare.

LegitScript Certification

Moreover, when a treatment provider is LegitScript certified, consumers know that they can expect a direct and transparent approach when seeking treatment. LegitScript certification allows those in need to feel assured that they are being pointed toward excellent care. This treatment accreditation ensures that all LegitScript treatment centers are complying with applicable laws and regulations guaranteeing safe and legal operation.

LegitScript is an industry leader in merchant and advertiser certification. It is the only service available for providers that treat substance abuse issues, and is relied on by Google, Facebook, and Bing to vet advertisers for eligibility. As a third-party vetting expert, LegitScript works with specific segments of the healthcare sector, including outpatient and residential rehab programs, sober living homes, substance abuse crisis hotlines, support groups, and referral agencies.

Programs and services become LegitScript certified only after completion of a rigorous application process. This process was initiated in 2018 to ensure that only credible providers of mental health and co-occurring substance abuse treatment were eligible on Google’s network.

LegitScript worked with the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP) to draft 15 standards that treatment centers must meet in order to become LegitScript certified. LegitScript treatment centers must

  • Be registered as a limited liability company (LLC) or corporation
  • Meet licensing regulations in the states where they operate
  • Demonstrate that staff and leadership have high levels of expertise and training
  • Maintain written policies and procedures demonstrating a commitment to best practices, effective recovery, and ongoing improvement
  • Submit to criminal background checks
  • Have insurance
  • Comply with HIPAA privacy laws.

“Newport Academy prides itself on remaining one of the leading teen treatment centers specializing in mental health resources. We believe that providing open and honest channels of information is extremely beneficial to those seeking treatment. We are proud to be working with an important partner like LegitScript, so that families in search of help for mental health issues, eating disorders, and substance abuse know that they are using a trusted source.”

– Jamison Monroe, Newport Academy Founder and Executive Chairman

The Benefits of Accreditation in Healthcare

What does it mean to be accredited by LegitScript or other respected healthcare accreditation bodies, such as the Joint Commission for Behavioral Health Care? When a treatment provider is Joint Commission or LegitScript certified, potential clients know that they are dealing with a safe treatment program that adheres to all industry standards and provides safe, secure, and ethical care.

Therefore, our residential treatment center accreditation reassures families asking the question, “Is Newport safe?” Newport Academy’s LegitScript certification, Joint Commission accreditation, and affiliations with other national accrediting organizations are a testament to our dedication to providing teens and their families with the highest-quality treatment.