Jamison Monroe, Founder and CEO of Newport AcademyTeens who end up in teen rehab centers aren’t bad, or wrong, or broken.

They are beautiful, powerful, sensitive young adults. Most teens struggle to fit in the box that our society has created for them. As a result, I founded Newport Academy a decade ago. We embrace these teens and their families throughout the healing process, during this critical juncture of their lives.

Our team consists of more than 300 clinicians, doctors, therapists, nutritionists, yoga teachers, and administrative faculty. We continue to evolve our approach to treatment. This is due to the dynamics impacting teens that are always shifting.

Every solution starts with a problem. Ours was simple and, at the same time, complex. Many recognized facilities seek to treat teens struggling with substance abuse, and mental health disorders. At any rate they only treat the symptoms. However, they do not treat the underlying issues. In addition, they don’t have an approach that gets to these core issues. Therefore, the success rate of adolescent treatment is hindered.

Treating symptoms can sometimes lead to short-term positive outcomes. However, it does not create real, sustainable success.

The model of addressing symptomology doesn’t touch the deepest challenges that all teens face. This includes anxiety, depression, feelings of inadequacy, and lack of self-worth. Teens often don’t understand how to process their emotions and use healthy coping mechanisms. As a result, adolescents are at a much higher risk of developing self-destructive behaviors.

I experienced this struggle firsthand. Along with my family, we faced the challenges of my adolescence. Incidentally my brother, sister, and I attended as many as a dozen of the country’s premier treatment centers.

I felt that my family perceived me as a failure each time I had to start again at a new facility. It was those “failures” that set the stage for the birth of something new and important. However, I slowly began to see that I didn’t heal because treatment was solely symptomatic.

We set out to build Newport Academy as a comprehensive treatment alternative to teen rehabilitation. Finally, we wanted an approach that addresses the “why,” not just the “what.” Our treatment program focuses on each teen’s unique DNA, history, temperament, and constitution. We offer an integrated approach. Most relevant, our approach to teen treatment balances their psychological, biological, social, educational, and spiritual needs. Hence, recovery is sustainable.

Our mission is pure and simple. We continue to provide the most comprehensive and impactful treatment. Furthermore, we enable young people to move out of the darkness and into the light. Teens go on to live happy, fulfilling lives.

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Jamison Monroe, Jr.

Jim Monroe, Co-Founder of Newport AcademyMy odyssey started 20 years ago.

A psychologist told my teenager that he would most likely live a miserable life. He would die young, and be a disappointment to himself, his family, and everyone he knew. It is a terrible feeling when you come to the realization that your child is dealing with mental health issues. This is emphasized when you cannot fully understand. Furthermore, I know this firsthand. I have three children who suffered with mental health and substance abuse issues.

About two years after my oldest son entered treatment, his younger brother took a large amount of hallucinogens. Similarly, he ended up in a psychiatric hospital at 2:30 am on his mother’s birthday. In addition, a few days later, I went to the doctor’s office for a procedure. I remember crying all the way there. When the doctor asked me how I was doing, I felt as if my legs had been knocked out from under me. Eventually, I replied, “I’m not doing very well. Both of my sons are messed up, and I don’t know what to do.” He looked at me and said, warmly, “It will be okay.”

The sense of hope and confidence he gave me in that moment was profound. It hadn’t been okay for a long time.

After an exhaustive search, we finally found a treatment program. Luckily, it addressed my son’s issues. They treated him holistically: mind, body, and spirit. In my beliefs, one of the keys to a treatment’s success is integrating this approach to healing. Therefore, this gave him the space for awareness. Most of all, it was in this space my son was able to find an inner sense of self and acceptance that he’d never known before.

Facing and working through his deepest fears in a supportive and safe environment gave my son new hope. Additionally, this gave him the freedom to explore his own path forward. Not what we, his parents, wanted for him, or what his recovery coaches wanted. Hence, this newfound independence was revolutionary for him and for us.

Ultimately, his process of easing back into daily life began in a residential treatment facility. Next, it then progressed to lower levels of care. This progression was extremely important. Accordingly, he went through 90 days of inpatient treatment and eight months of outpatient therapy. There is a level of programmatic commitment and structure in living. Arguably, that makes an enormous difference in the enduring success of his treatment. The long-term, holistic approach brought everything together. In addition, this allowed my son to turn his life around.

I spent many years of having my children in and out of nationally recognized treatment centers. I realized that these institutions were like “recovery factories,” like “factory farms.” There was little to no individualization in the treatment the kids received. Despite the vast differences in the issues they were facing. Other areas of medicine provide “personalized health care”. Meanwhile, there was almost no personalized care in the adolescent mental health or substance abuse fields.

Enter Newport Academy

We’ve incorporated crucial holistic elements into Newport Academy’s treatment programs. Newport Academy offers teens and families compassion and unconditional love. We know from experience, it is crucial to the healing process. Consequently, the compassion in my doctor’s voice that day changed my perspective.

Newport Academy exhibits a commitment to work with the entire family. As a result, this emphasizes the importance of family involvement in every aspect of treatment and recovery. In conclusion, this is a core belief for us. A founding principle that distinguishes us from other premium treatment facilities.

Today, all three of my children have been in recovery for more than 10 years and are doing well. We know that what worked for us will work for others. Jamison and I co-founded Newport Academy because we are dedicated to helping families navigate this extremely difficult journey. Ultimately, we’d like you to come out on the other side. We wish you and your family the most positive outcomes on your journey.

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Jim Monroe

(Parent of three, all currently in recovery
for more than 10 years)