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Newport Academy Empowering Teens Resources: A Way of Mentoring
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The Way of Mentoring — a Q&A with Crit Callebs

As a mentor and therapeutic facilitator at Newport Academy, Crit Callebs works with teens and their families. Crit uses traditional storytelling and awareness activities to guide them in discovering their inner strength. He focuses on connecting youth with the power of choice. And he helps people understand that they write their own life story. They […]

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The Gift of Community

By Chelsea Reeves, Director of Alumni Services Residential Treatment Centers for Teens Offer a Unique Start The gift of community is something so many of us seek. Residential treatment centers for teens offer a unique start to community building. This is especially key after teen treatment. As we grow, we look for friendship and relationships […]

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Communities Can Reduce Alcohol Abuse on Campus

Alcohol abuse on campuses is a problem. New research on alcohol abuse finds that when communities work together, they can reduce drinking. Still, because of injuries, tragedies, and horrible outcomes, both schools and communities wish for a brighter future for our youth. In the Study to Prevent Alcohol Related Consequences (SPARC), researchers found that campus-based […]