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sleep deprivation in teens

Sleep Deprivation in Teens

Reading Time: 4 minutes We all know how it feels to face the morning when we haven’t gotten enough sleep. Lack of sleep can make us grumpy, unable to focus, and more negative about […]

Newport Academy Well-being Resources: Yoga for anxiety

Yoga for Anxiety and Depression

Reading Time: 6 minutes During a time when 70 percent of teens are struggling with their mental health, the need for accessible stress-management tools is greater than ever before. Yoga is one of the […]

A woman with long dark hair looks down, and appears a bit sad.

The Facts About Loneliness in Young People

Reading Time: 6 minutes Why is loneliness in young adults so prevalent today? Recent research shows that experiencing loneliness in your 20s is near the top of the list of challenges for both Generation Z and millennials. Despite all the […]