Our Nutrition Program focuses on providing residents with healthy lifestyle choices and eating habits. Our nutritionists and culinary staff educate residents about proper nutrition in addition to creating healthy meal plans.
At Newport Academy, we also eat local, organic food sourced and delivered by SPUD (Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery). Moreover we serve protein, fiber-rich, vegetables, organic greens, and whole grains at every meal. We also cultivate our own fruits and vegetables in our garden as part of our Horticulture Program. We also have a one-acre farm and live chickens onsite in California and extensive greenhouses in Connecticut. These live farming installations allow teens to experience the real-life connection to their food. This awareness and sense of interconnectedness are highly beneficial for mental health.

Meals at Newport Academy

  • Always freshly prepared from scratch in our kitchen, including our sugar-free condiments and dressings
  • Portioned and discreetly monitored by staff to ensure that teens eat a healthy amount
  • Varied and especially fun, with playful meals like “breakfast for dinner”, and very few menu repetitions
  • Begin and end with two minutes of silence to encourage gratitude, awareness, and conscious, intuitive eating
  • Are a community experience – staff and residents eat together, so staff can model healthy eating habits and lighten the mood for teens with mealtime anxiety.

Know the Facts.

What we eat affects our mental health and how we respond to stress. One study showed that, for teens who ate a low-quality diet, the risk of depression increased by 80 percent in comparison to those who ate a higher-quality, whole-foods diet.

National Center for Biotechnology Information

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