Adventure Therapy

Adventure Therapy uses exciting physical challenges in an outdoor setting to elicit personal transformation. At Newport Academy, Adventure Therapy activities include rock climbing, paddle boarding, surfing, hiking, ropes course, and kayaking. Trained professionals facilitate all activities. This escape from the daily turmoil of the day to day life can be especially therapeutic for adolescents. In addition to developing new skills, teens are required to stretch their limits and work through discomfort. As a result, they gain confidence and learn to have fun while in recovery. This form of experiential therapy may be a form of social experience that your teen can benefit from.

Skill Building

Adventure Therapy includes time for journal reflections, community building, and relationship exploration. During Adventure Therapy sessions, adolescents face challenges as they work to move outside of their comfort zones. In addition, we encourage them to practice survival skills, work as a group, and build self-esteem.

Adventure Therapy provides teens with a safe setting to practice decision-making, problem solving as well as collaboration. Furthermore, they do this while discovering new strengths, building peer relationships, and finding a new, strong sense of self.

A study published in the Journal of Child and Family Studies exploring the efficacy of wilderness therapy, in addition to traditional clinical approaches in treating adolescents. Consequently, it showed that 95% of participants found it enormously beneficial. Six weeks after the program, parents reported significant improvements in the behavior and mindset of the teenagers who had participated.

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