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Unite to Break the Silence of Addiction

  By Jamison Monroe, Jr. This weekend in Washington DC, something historic happens. Thousands of individuals and hundreds of organizations will come together to face addiction and stand up for recovery. The Unite To Face Addiction rally, a free event on the National Mall this Sunday, October 4, represents a powerful joining of forces toward […]

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Family Therapy Creates Connection

Family therapy has become an important part of our culture. It is fairly common for families to have disagreements and challenging communication. In many cases, disputes between spouses, fights between parents and children, and arguments between siblings can be resolved over a period of time by talking and coming to a mutual agreement. But other […]

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Studies Show Teens At Risk for Depression and Anxiety

With the increasing pressures facing Americans, from high performance standards at work, to children who deal with peer pressure, to the rising costs in nearly every industry, it is no surprise that mental health diseases are on the rise. The average American faces at least one of these difficulties, if not two or more, leading […]

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Shocking Stats on the Teen Drinking Epidemic

The teenage years are often marked by risky behaviors and feelings of invincibility, two characteristics that tend to create a sense of unease in parents of adolescents. Though these risky behaviors take a number of different forms, one of the most common is binge drinking, which is defined by the National Institute on Alcoholism and […]

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Studies Show Anorexia Has Highest Mortality Rate of All Psychiatric Illnesses

  Being vigilant about eating habits, exercising, and living healthily is a normal part of life. Most people try to keep their weight within the appropriate scale for their height, build, and genetics. A few extra pounds are usually combated through a minor diet adjustment and some additional exercise. But when the concern over weight […]

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Eating Disorders Have Highest Death Rate of Any Mental Illness

There is little doubt that the media has an impact on the current nationwide obsession over weight. Television ads feature new deals from fast food joints that showcase a lower amount of calories, while other commercials focus on weight-loss supplements, such as Garcinia Cambogia, and programs like Insanity, and the South Beach diet. While the […]

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Why You Should Watch Out For Eating Disorders Affecting Your Teen

We live in a culture that reveres youth and beauty, idolizes the thin and fit, and places significant pressure on adolescents to conform to the unrealistic standards of beauty it has idealized. It’s evident on the covers of magazines, on the runways of world famous fashion shows, and on the “thinspiration” blogs peppered across the […]

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Studies Reveal Children At Increasing Risk For Developing Eating Disorders

For both adults and children, eating right and maintaining a healthy weight is part of living a quality, well-balanced life. This means exercising frequently, and staying away from fatty and high cholesterol foods as much as possible. While this is a normal part of a healthy diet, when the concern about weight turns to an […]

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Depression in American Teenagers: Facts and Solutions

Today’s youth face many challenges at school and at home. Peer pressure and overall academic success can be overwhelming in the classroom, and family troubles can plague students in and out of the home, causing worry and stress. Adolescents often do not have a way to express their emotions or may not want to share […]

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Studies Show Only 400,000 Americans Out of 4 Million Receive Proper Anxiety Treatment

Everyone faces different pressures in life. Work situations can push adults to feel overwhelmed, children can feel the heat of peer pressure in school or the crushing blow of poor academic performance, and stressful events within a household can send any family member searching for a way out. For some people, coping mechanisms such as […]

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