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Teen Crystal Meth Addiction

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Teen crystal meth addiction is a problem that has invaded the United States on all fronts. Unlike many other illicit drugs, it is made in the country, often in rural or suburban underground meth labs.

It is an inexpensive drug and one that is often used with other drugs like alcohol or marijuana. It causes a rapid degeneration in a short period of time. Parents are often shocked by how quickly their teen’s entire appearance and personality changes under the influence of crystal meth addiction. Therefore, it is key to be vigilant. If you notice symptoms, please address it right away. 

Teen Crystal Meth Addiction 101

What is crystal meth exactly? Stories on the news about meth lab explosions and related drug busts are scary. Parents are often concerned about the drug their teen may be ingesting. Crystal meth is a stimulant that comes in a toxic, crystallized powder form. Homemade in labs, it is an unregulated substance often created with common household chemicals that are highly volatile.

The drug’s chief function is to provide a stimulating high that gives energy and focus.

Many teens use it because they drop weight rapidly while on the drug. Other teens take it to help them stay out later with friends. Some also use it to stay awake to study or complete school projects. Teens often abuse the drug by snorting or smoking the powder or cooking and injecting it. A rush of euphoria is followed by a high-energy period.

Under the influence, many are social and unable to sit still or stop moving. Others become close-mouthed, quiet, and focused on the minutiae of a single task. When the drug begins to wear off, teens crave more. When they stay awake too long and take too much of the drug, they risk dehydration, hallucinations, heart attack, seizures, and death. Consequently, this is a very dangerous drug.

Does Your Child Have a Crystal Meth Problem

Because the initial effects of the drug are weight loss, social interaction, and late nights, many parents don’t recognize crystal meth use in their teens right away.

Within a relatively short period, if you notice any of the following, your teen might be on drugs or crystal meth:

  • Your teen is losing weight too quickly: Teens can lose 10 pounds in a week due to increased metabolism caused by the drug and a loss of appetite. Malnourishment is often evidenced in just a few short weeks through bad skin, lackluster hair, sunken cheeks and eye sockets, and saggy skin.
  • Your teen has wild mood swings: They don’t sleep while using. The down time is characterized by depression and long bouts of sleeping. The mood swings may make your head spin.

Unlike other drugs of addiction, crystal meth is characterized by longer cycles of relapse. Your teen may be able to quit using the drug for months, only to relapse unexpectedly after six to nine months of sobriety. The best that parents can do is get their child the necessary help as soon as possible. If you are unsure if what you’re seeing is crystal meth use, please feel free to reach out to us for support. You don’t have to do it alone!

Getting Help Early On

The best way to fight teen crystal meth addiction is to identify and address the situation right away.

If your teen is under the age of 18, he or she does not have to enter treatment. As the parent or legal guardian, you have the right to make the executive decision that teen crystal meth rehab is necessary. An intervention can be a handy tool. It is best to prepare your teen for what to expect during treatment. Include him or her in the process. An intervention can help you to put the responsibility for their continued health in their hands. Also, you must let them know that rehab is not a punishment, but a medical treatment that will help them get their lives back.

Temptations and cravings can seem to come out of nowhere, surprising parents and teens alike. The best way to handle the issue is to enroll your teen in a long-term, residential treatment program that is designed specifically for teenagers, one that addresses the medical issues caused by crystal meth addiction as well as the psychological dependence that comes with abusing a drug in order to function.

Treatment Assistance Available at Newport Academy

At Newport Academy, we provide an all-encompassing crystal meth rehab program for teenagers who are living with an active addiction. You are not alone.

Contact us today to learn more about the details of our program or to schedule an appointment to speak with a counselor about your teen’s future here at Newport Academy. We are here to help!