Why attend Newport Academy

Below are some key points which distinguish Newport Academy from other adolescent substance abuse treatment programs. If you read nothing else on our site, read the following:

Newport Academy Features

What Your Teen will Benefit from while enrolled in Our Program

  • Newport Academy only accepts 6 adolescents at any one time into our program. Our gender-specific facilities are completely¬†separate¬†(6 boys, 6 girls). There are over 40 staff to provide care for these 12 total residents.
  • Newport Academy provides each resident with a minimum of 10 hours of individual therapy and counseling each week
  • A minimum of 3 hours of family therapy per week (some weeks families are involved for a total of 16 hours)
  • 12 hours of group therapy each week
  • 12 hours of experiential therapy every week
  • Newport Academy has gender-specific residential treatment programs for females and males. The males and females never mix while in treatment. Gender-specific treatment is recognized by the American Medical Association as a key element of effective adolescent treatment.
  • Newport Academy has one of the most highly qualified and experienced staff in adolescent substance abuse and co-occurring disorder treatment. Meet our staff here.
  • Newport Academy has a small student-to-teacher ratio (1 credentialed teachers for 6 students).
  • Newport Academy has an Intensive Family Program. Families are involved in a comprehensive family program every week, and at around week five, families participate in 2 days of an Intensive Family Program (IFP) on campus at Newport Academy. Only one family at a time participates in an IFP and it is customized for each family. Read more about our Intensive Family Program here.
  • Newport Academy has on-site horses and facilities for Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. Recognized by many treatment experts as a significant therapeutic process with teens, Newport Academy is the one of the only treatment centers with horses and Equine Therapists on-site.
  • Newport Academy has “the most beautiful treatment facility in the industry that provides an environment of compassion and caring” (Treatment Magazine, 2009). Between both the Girls and Boys facility, Newport Academy sits on 6 acres of serene, equestrian property located just miles from Newport Beach, California. See our facilities here.
  • Newport Academy has been recognized as one most comprehensive, integrated, and individualized treatment programs for adolescents and their families by a number of leading adolescent substance abuse and mental health treatment experts.
  • Newport Academy residents participate in Young Person’s 12-Step meetings in the community many nights each week and one night of the week Newport Academy hosts a speaker panel on-site.
  • Newport Academy has an on-site gym with new, state-of-the-art equipment. The American Medical Association states that a regular exercise program is a key element of effective teen drug treatment.

A Comprehensive Approach

Key Elements Defined by the AMA, AAP and NIDA

Many key elements characterize the design and implementation of an effective adolescent substance abuse treatment program. The treatment program at Newport Academy is designed to address those elements defined by the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the National Institute on Drug Abuse as crucial and key in establishing effective, individualized, and comprehensive care for the treatment of adolescents. No other adolescent treatment center encompasses all 7 of these elements. These key elements include:

  1. Comprehensive screening assessment s that includes psychiatric, psychological, medical, and social factors in the adolescent’s life to best match them with an appropriate level of care and treatment.
  2. Comprehensive and integrated treatment approaches that address all aspects of the adolescent’s life.
  3. Developmentally appropriate programming where activities and materials reflect the developmental differences between adults and adolescents.
  4. Licensed, qualified staff trained specifically in adolescent development, co-occurring mental health issues, substance abuse and addiction.
  5. Consistent family involvement that is mandatory in all aspects of treatment and recovery.
  6. A gender-specific treatment environment where the program can address the distinct needs of adolescent girls and boys in safe, nurturing, gender-specific groups and residential settings.
  7. Experiential therapies such as on-site Equine Therapy to keep the adolescents engaged, interested, and motivated in their treatment process.

For more detailed information on what differentiates Newport Academy from other adolescent treatment providers, please read through our website in it’s entirety or contact us at any time to speak directly with a caring staff member or request a brochure.


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Calendar of Events

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