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Mental Health

Teen Bipolar Disorder: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Teen Bipolar Disorder Bipolar disorder typically begins in the teen years. Therefore, it is important for parents and healthcare professionals to familiarize themselves with the most common bipolar symptoms in teens, as well as treatment strategies. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, bipolar disorder impacts approximately 2.6 percent of American adults. However, the […]

Restoring Families

Seven Important Things to Expect from Family Therapy

What to Expect from Family Therapy The support of close friends and family members is essential when a teen is recovering from a mental health disorder. At the same time, mental illness and recovery can bring up conflict and confusion within family units. Family therapy provides an avenue through which family members can learn more [...]
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Restoring Families

PTSD and Teen Trauma: Symptoms, Signs, and Treatment

Moving Forward After Tragedy: Teen Trauma, Grief, and PTSD Violent tragedies, such as the mass shooting in Las Vegas, leave deep psychological wounds in their wake. After tragic events, those who were impacted, directly or indirectly, may experience lasting effects. In addition, this is true even if they were not physically harmed. Random, violent events [...]
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Restoring Families

How to Talk to Kids About Tragedy

How to Talk to Teens About Tragedy After a tragic violent incident like the mass shooting in Las Vegas earlier this week, it’s important to talk. Kids need to process what is happening. Therefore, the first step is opening the space for communication with teens about what happened. Discussing the event with a trusted adult—parent, [...]
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Restoring Families

Creating Authentic Connections: Healing Relational Trauma

by Barbara Nosal, PhD, LMFT, LADC, and Heather Senior Monroe, MSW, LCSW The Power of Authentic Connection for Teen Mental Health Authentic connection is key to teen mental health. The ability to have healthy relationships can be disrupted by early childhood trauma. However, there are ways to heal from these experiences. Hence, we can learn the [...]
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Mental Health

Tips for Teen Stress Relief

Teen Stress: Symptoms and Causes American teens are way too stressed. In 2015, the Emotion Revolution Survey, a study of 22,000 high school students, asked teenagers how they felt in school. Three-quarters of the kids had negative responses. The three most common adjectives they used were “stressed,” “tired,” and “bored.” A certain amount of stress [...]
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Substance Abuse

Music Festivals and Drug Use: Why Teens Are At Risk

by Jamison Monroe, Jr.  Music festivals can be fun and exciting for teens. But they can also be dangerous and even deadly. Music festivals bring with them a host of risky activities associated with festival culture. Many of these activities are particularly attractive to teenagers—specifically drugs. While big summertime gatherings like Lollapalooza and Coachella are […]