Substance Use Disorder Can Impact All Levels of Society

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Substance Use Disorder can be crippling. The stereotype of someone with a Substance Use Disorder is a derelict. However, studies show that the opposite is true – anyone can fall victim to Substance Use Disorder, even society’s most wealthy and respected.

Take the story of Judge Richard Baumgartner, for example. A pillar of his community, Judge Baumgartner was a criminal court judge for more than a decade, dealing with countless defendants who stood in front of him due to their actions caused or influenced by substance addiction. Recently, Judge Baumgartner had to step down from the bench. Why? His Substance Use Disorder made it impossible for him to continue doing his job.

For Baumgartner, prescription abuse started as it does for many fighting the problem. He had a legitimate prescription for medical purposes. Over time, he developed a physical and psychological dependence upon the drug. He tried to stop several times but could not. No matter how much he wanted to leave the substance addiction behind, he couldn’t control his constant worry about running out of his medication.

Anyone Can Fall Victim to Substance Use Disorder

Many recognize the signs of Substance Use Disorder in someone they love. Because of this, they have no problem sharing a concern with their family member. Baumgartner says that many around him saw that he had a problem but said nothing. Being a man of great respect and esteem, perhaps they feared his position. No matter the reason, Baumgartner says that he wishes they had spoken up. Consequently, it might have been what he needed to guide him toward the rehab necessary to break free from painkiller addiction.

Unfortunately for Baumgartner, his attempts at recovery on his own were too little, too late. An investigation eventually meant drug charges and Baumgartner pled guilty to misconduct and stepped down from the bench. He went to drug rehab and began the recovery process.

For parents, this story can be an eye-opener. The story of Judge Baumgartner is not a rare exception. Indeed, such stories of talented and successful people being brought down by Substance Use Disorder are all too common. Such sad cases happen at all age levels from accomplished adults like Baumgartner to teenagers just beginning to walk the road of their lives.

Teens Can be Affected by Substance Use Disorder

Even teens who are excelling at school are vulnerable to drug and alcohol addiction. Any abuse of an illicit substance can lead to trouble, no matter how balanced or stable one appears. Addiction impacts all levels of society. Yes, unfortunately, addiction impacts almost everyone.

Substance Use Disorder Help at Newport Academy

If you believe that use of drugs and alcohol has gotten to a dangerous point, it’s time to get help. Please do not make the mistake of trying to fix a dangerous situation on your own. Once someone has Substance Use Disorder they truly need professional help. Here at Newport Academy, we specialize in resources and treatment programs to help heal your teen dealing with Substance Use Disorder.