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Newport Academy Resource Post Mental Health taking a mental health day from school
Mental Health

Anxiety in School: How Parents Can Help

Reading Time: 7 minutes Most teens get a little anxious about starting school. A certain amount of school-related anxiety can be common for adolescents. But when nervousness crosses over into full-fledged anxiety in school, […]

Newport Academy Mental Health Resources Adolescent Depression Hero
Mental Health

Adolescent Depression in Schools

Reading Time: 9 minutes The Stats on Adolescent Depression in Schools Adolescent depression in school is increasingly common. For various reasons, adolescents are at great risk for depression during high school and college. Unfortunately, […]

Newport Academy Empowering Teens Resources: Pressures of High School Athletics
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The Pressures of High School Athletics

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Pressures of High School Athletics On the surface, sports participation might seem like an ideal solution to the digital addiction crisis. After all, kids who play sports simply cannot […]