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As reported by the National Institute of Drug Abuse, residential treatment requires an adequate period of time. As a result, this generates lasting change. The minimal length of teen residential treatment is determined by several factors. Two of which are the type and extent of the adolescent’s problems. Most of all, studies show outcomes are better when a person […]

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Why Gender-Specific Treatment Works

Gender-specific environments are a part of a well-rounded rehabilitation treatment program, but why? Do biological and behavioral factors leading to self-destruction vary for males and females? How much does age matter? The answers are nuanced and research reveals new information. Studies show men and women are impacted differently by mental health struggles, especially addiction. What, how, and why people […]

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Restoring Families

Family Therapy Creates Connection

Family therapy has become an important part of our culture. It is fairly common for families to have disagreements and challenging communication. In many cases, disputes between spouses, parents and children can be resolved by talking and coming to a mutual agreement. But other circumstances, such as an illness, substance abuse, or infidelity, can tear […]

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Sober Living Homes

Sober living homes offer 24-hour sober support for teens after rehab. First, although kids may wish to return home, it is important to maintain recovery. Sober Living Homes After inpatient rehab, sober living offers support and supervision. Furthermore, sober homes also provide accountability. Offers teens: Continued focus on recovery 24-hour monitoring and supervision Academic support More […]

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Substance Abuse

Signs and Symptoms of Teen Drug Use

Parents might know that teens tend to experiment with drugs and alcohol, but they might also believe that it’s something that occurs late in adolescence. The truth is that teenage drug use can begin quite early in life. For example, the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry states that the average age of first marijuana […]

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Health Concerns of Caffeine Consumption by Teens

Caffeine has become the “brain fuel” of our fast-paced culture, helping us keep up with the frenetic pace of modern life. However, the use of this central nervous system stimulant isn’t limited to adults. Teenagers are consuming caffeine in sodas, energy drinks, and coffee beverages. Find Fast Physical Side Effects Caffeine and Sleep Is It […]