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Newport Academy Mental Health Resources Teen Attachment Issues
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How to Recognize and Heal Teen Attachment Disorder

Firstly, teen attachment issues are common and treatable. When we educate ourselves and reduce the stigma around mental health concerns, we heal our families. Teen Attachment and Parents No parent wants to hurt their child. Early life issues can lead to mental health challenges or substance abuse. Sub-optimal parenting means kids sometimes don't bond with caregivers. [...]
Newport Academy Well Being Resources Teen Healthy Living Nutrition Sugar
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What Sugar is Really Doing to Your Brain and Body

Sugar—The First Drug Many of us grew up hearing the catchphrase—on television, or in our heads as we walked down the cereal aisle—“Frosted Flakes, they’re more than good, they’re GREAT!” Tony the Tiger and his infamous jingle have kept cereal bowls full of sugarcoated flakes for decades. And he’s not the only one; before Tony [...]
Newport Academy Mental Health Resources Teen Panic Attack
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5 Ways to Prevent Teen Panic Attacks

It starts with a tightening in your chest that makes it hard to breathe. In addition, then your entire body begins to shiver. Furthermore, your heart pounds faster and faster. What’s happening? These are the physical manifestations of a panic attack. For teens, panic attacks can be incredibly frightening, especially when they don’t know what’s [...]
Newport Academy Mental Health Resources: Creative Arts Therapy
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Beyond Words: Why Teens Benefit from Creative Arts Therapy

By Jamison Monroe, Jr., Founder & CEO of Newport Academy The Art of Self-Discovery When I was a teenager struggling with addiction, I always knew what to say. I knew how to work my parents and therapists. In addition, I could make them believe I was on the right path. Hence, I always knew what […]

Newport Academy Teen Meditation Mental Health Resources
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The Power of Meditation for Teen Mental Health

By Jamison Monroe, Jr. Teen meditation is a powerful tool for healing. Ongoing research supports the role it can play in mental health and recovery. Meditation and mindfulness offer a powerful intervention for teen mental health struggles. Less stress. Teens who practice meditation regularly note lower stress More restorative than gym class. Students in one study report [...]
Newport Academy Teen Mental Health Resources Happy Healthy Holidays
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Healthy, Happy Holiday Rituals

Each year, we join our family and friends to celebrate the holiday season. For some of us, this can be stressful. Too much time around triggers and not enough time practicing self-care can lead to burnout. This is especially true for teens. We love the holidays for all sorts of reasons. But some are not […]

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Teens and Tech: New Research on the Dangers of Screen Time

By Jamison Monroe, Jr. Research shows that screen time is bad for our kids. The overuse of technology can lead to long-term addictions. These can damage the mind and body just like alcohol, cocaine, or heroin. This is bad news in a nation where teens consume an average of nine hours of media a day […]