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Newport Academy Mental Health Resources: Borderline Personality Disorder
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Teen Borderline Personality Disorder – Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Borderline personality disorder can be challenging for everyone. Teen borderline personality disorder (BPD) disrupts an adolescent’s life. In addition, it disrupts the family as well. Widely misunderstood, a borderline personality disorder diagnosis is shocking. Moreover, this is true for both parents and teens. Marsha M. Linehan is a leading worldwide authority on borderline personality disorder. [...]
Teen Rehab Treatment Program | Newport Academy
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FOX61 News Features Newport Academy as Industry Leader in Holistic Teen Rehab

By  Katy Corrado, FOX61 News Anchor/Reporter A Different Kind of Teen Treatment BETHLEHEM -- Newport Academy is a teen treatment center in Bethlehem, addressing mental health issues, eating disorders and substance abuse. The center combines traditional clinical therapy with experiential therapy, exposing teens to things like yoga and hiking in the Litchfield Hills. Among its [...]
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Food and Mood: Teen Nutrition and Mental Health

Teen nutrition is very important. We are what we eat. Furthermore, that applies not just to our bodies, but also to our minds. An increasing number of scientific studies show that there is a direct link between diet and mental health. Moreover, this is particularly true for children and teens, whose brains and bodies are [...]
Newport Academy Empowering Teens Resources Risky Behavior Hero
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The Truth About Teens and Risky Behavior

Teens engaging in risky behavior is nothing new. Teens have a reputation for being wild. And, like most stereotypes, there’s truth in that image. Psychological and physiological changes in the adolescent body and brain contribute to risk-taking behavior. Glorified by the media in numerous novels and films (remember Risky Business?), teen risky behavior isn’t entertaining [...]
Newport Academy Mental Health Resources: Cell Phone Addiction
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The Latest on Teen Cell Phone Addiction

Teen cell phone addiction has become an important issue facing parents. For parents with a teenager, this is not surprising. Have you had frustrating confrontations with your child about their cell phone usage? Probably more than a few. Cell phone addiction is so common. It’s hard to overcome because using mobile devices is now an […]

Newport Academy Teen Mental Health Resources Positivity Hero
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The Power of Positivity for Teen Mental Health

Has anyone ever told you that all you need to do is “stay positive” and everything will work out? Optimism is a wonderful quality, but creating positivity requires more than hoping for the best. Rather, it’s an ongoing practice of cultivating positive emotions in every aspect of life. According to Barbara Fredrickson, a leading researcher [...]
Newport Academy Mental Health Resources Teens Social Media Addiction
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Looking for ‘Likes’: Teens and Social Media Addiction

Teens' relationship to social media addiction is a big topic today. Teenagers are among the biggest consumers of social media—but is it consuming them? Scientists are discovering an increasing number of troubling links between social networking and mental health challenges. These range from distress to teen depression. Furthermore, research is also zeroing in on the effects [...]
Newport Academy Resources Mental Health Teen Emotions
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5 Ways to Balance Teen Emotions and Increase Well-Being

No matter how old you are, learning to navigate the inner turmoil that life inevitably brings is no easy feat. But teenagers have extra challenges: hormonal changes, a brain that’s still developing, the intensity of social interactions with peers, academic demands, and their parents’ high expectations. And that’s if they’re lucky! Many teens also struggle [...]