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Newport Academy Mental Health Resources Teen Depression Anxiety
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How to Cure Teen Anxiety and Depression Without Risking Lives

By Jamison Monroe, Jr. Teen anxiety and depression are real concerns. But what’s also a concern is the way we approach mental health in our society. We look for an external fix. Because we are taught that a pill can fix everything, we rely on easy solutions to our problems. Furthermore, pharmaceutical companies see greater […]

Newport Academy Mental Health Resources ADHD Nation
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The Truth Behind the National ADHD Epidemic

Pulitzer Prize-Nominated Journalist Alan Schwarz Exposes the Truth Behind the National ADHD Epidemic  —Jamison Monroe, Jr. ADHD is an important topic for me—for many of us. I’m not shy about sharing my personal story of addiction and recovery, so when investigative reporter Alan Schwarz, a Pulitzer Prize finalist, called to ask about my experience with [...]
Newport Academy Substance Abuse Resources: Depression American Teens Drug Abuse
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Depression in American Teenagers: Facts and Solutions

Depression and American teenagers seem to go hand in hand. Today’s youth face many challenges. The pressure for academic success can be overwhelming. Family troubles can plague students in and out of the home, causing worry and stress. Adolescents often don’t know how to express emotions or may not want to share difficulties for fear […]

Newport Academy Mental Health Resources Statistics Show Eating Disorders Highest Mental Illness Death
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Eating Disorders Have Highest Death Rate of Any Mental Illness

There is little doubt that the media has an impact on the current nationwide obsession over weight. Television ads feature new deals from fast food joints that showcase a lower amount of calories, while other commercials focus on weight-loss supplements, such as Garcinia Cambogia, and programs like Insanity, and the South Beach diet. While the […]

Newport Academy Mental Health Resources: Alarming Study Shows Anorexia Highest Mortality Rate Psychiatric Illnesses
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Anorexia Has Highest Mortality Rate of All Psychiatric Illnesses

Studies have shown that anorexia has the highest mortality rate of all psychiatric illnesses. When the concern of being overweight turns into an obsession, it can be harmful to a person’s health. Healthy eating habits and exercising are normal parts of life. Anorexia Has Highest Mortality Rate Thousands of Americans suffer from anorexia nervosa, an eating disorder based on […]

Newport Academy Mental Health Resources: Health and Well-Being Issues On Teen Pregnancies
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Adolescent Antisocial Behavior

Adolescent antisocial behavior is common. Occasional outbursts and dramatic episodes are part of growing up. At what point does the behavior signify a deeper problem? First of all, we must identify what is normal and what indicates a mental health concern. Indicators of Adolescent Antisocial Behavior Antisocial behavior may look like a fight in school, cheating […]

Newport Academy Mental Health Resources: Anorexia Treatment Warning Signs
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Warning Signs of Anorexia in Teens

Anorexia and bulimia are common disorders. Many teens struggle with body image regardless of their size. Teenage girls have the tendency to compare themselves to actresses and models in magazines. These models tend to be sample sizes (size 0-4). Unfortunately they begin to believe in this standardized image of attractiveness. They also face pressure from their peers […]

Newport Academy Mental Health Resources: Teen Mental Health Treatment ADHD
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Teen ADHD Treatment

ADHD—Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder—is a condition that begins in childhood but often goes undiagnosed until the teen years.  The diagnostic process to determine ADHD is highly complicated and subjective. There is a spectrum of behavioral disorders with symptoms akin to ADHD symptoms. Find Fast What is ADHD Types of ADHD Statistics The Causes of ADHD Disruptive […]