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Newport Academy Treatment Resources: types of mental health treatment

Types of Mental Health Treatment for Teens

Adolescent treatment for teenage depression, teen anxiety, and other teen mental health challenges take time and care. Thus, different stages of the healing process may require different types of mental […]

Newport Academy Substance Abuse Resources: Painkiller Opiate Use
Substance Abuse

Teen Opiate Addiction

An opiate begins with a tiny poppy seed. That seed is crushed and turned into opium, and the opium is transformed into an opiate substance. Heroin is an opiate. Not […]

Newport Academy Substance Abuse Resources: Cocaine Abuse
Substance Abuse

Teen Cocaine Abuse

Cocaine abuse is a problem among teens. Many teens abuse the drug for its stimulant properties. Teen rehab may be the best choice if a child is using this dangerous drug. […]

Newport Academy Treatment Resources: Teen Drug Rehab Options

Teen Treatment Options

Once a family has identified that a teen is suffering from a mental health or substance use problem, the next step is to find the most appropriate teen rehab options to meet […]