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Newport Academy Substance Abuse Resources: Teen Alcohol Poisoning
Substance Abuse

The Scary Truth About Teen Alcohol Poisoning

Facts About Teen Alcohol Poisoning Teen alcohol poisoning is a real and frightening danger for college and high school students. According to the Mayo Clinic, one of the most dangerous causes of alcohol poisoning is binge drinking. Because teenagers consume 90 percent of their alcohol during binge drinking, they are at greater risk of alcohol […]

Newport Academy Substance Abuse Resources: Shocking Stats Teen Drinking Epidemic
Substance Abuse

Shocking Stats on the Teen Drinking Epidemic

The teenage years are often filled with risky behaviors and feelings of invincibility. These two characteristics tend to create a sense of unease in parents of adolescents. Though these risky behaviors take many different forms, one of the most common is binge drinking. The National Institute on Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse defines binge drinking as the […]

Newport Academy Substance Abuse Resources: States Fight Fake ID Use For Underage Drinking
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States Fight Fake ID Use and Underage Drinking

Recent studies have found that approximately 33 percent of college students are carrying a fake ID. Some see this as a pandemic problem, while others view it more as a rite of passage. However, New York is taking steps to make using a fake ID more difficult in the coming years. The Empire State is […]

Newport Academy Substance Abuse Resources: Teen Alcohol Rehab How Teens Get Drunk Without Alcoholic Beverages
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How Teens Get Drunk Without Alcoholic Beverages

It’s no secret that teens often experiment with alcohol. In fact, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, in 2014, more than 1.6 million between the ages of 12 and 20 drove vehicles under the influence. If you are in need of help, please contact us. We are here to help. Find […]

Newport Academy Restoring Families Resources: How Consumption Affects Growing Teens
Restoring Families

How Alcohol Consumption Affects a Growing Teen

The teenage years are filled with many milestones. From entering puberty, learning to drive, getting a first job, going on a first date, the list goes on. For many teens, adolescence is also the time when they get drunk for the first time and experiment with illicit drugs. As much as you want to protect […]

Newport Academy Substance Abuse Resources: Dangers Caffeinated Alcoholic Beverages
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The Dangers of Caffeinated Alcoholic Beverages

To a teenager, alcohol and caffeine may seem like the perfect combination. After all, alcohol helps you loosen up and have fun, while caffeine gives you the edge you need to keep partying all night. But in reality, caffeine can provide just enough stimulation to keep teens drinking beyond their body’s limits, putting them at […]

Newport Academy Substance Abuse Resources: Teen Alcohol Rehab Percentages And Blood Alcohol Levels
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Teen Alcohol Consumption

Teen alcohol consumption is on the rise in the US. A survey measures teen use, abuse, and attitudes toward drug use. 21.6 percent of high school seniors and 6.4 percent of 8th graders admitted that they have consumed alcohol. The kids consumed five or more alcoholic beverages in a row in the two weeks prior to the Monitoring […]