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Newport Academy Empowering Teens Resources: A Way of Mentoring
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The Way of Mentoring — a Q&A with Crit Callebs

As a mentor and therapeutic facilitator at Newport Academy, Crit Callebs works with teens and their families. Crit uses traditional storytelling and awareness activities to guide them in discovering their inner strength. He focuses on connecting youth with the power of choice. And he helps people understand that they write their own life story. They […]

Newport Academy Teen Meditation Mental Health Resources
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The Power of Meditation for Teen Mental Health

By Jamison Monroe, Jr. Teen meditation is a powerful tool for healing. Ongoing research supports the role it can play in mental health and recovery. Meditation and mindfulness offer a powerful intervention for teen mental health struggles. Less stress. Teens who practice meditation regularly note lower stress More restorative than gym class. Students in one study report [...]
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Yoga for Teen Mental Health

By Jamison Monroe, Jr. Yoga and Teen Mental Health Yoga is a powerful tool for promoting teen mental health—naturally. This ancient practice is surprisingly effective. It enhances health and well-being, protects against substance abuse, and helps teens learn self-care. Building the Brain For adolescents, whose brains are still developing, learning to self-regulate is key to a healthy […]

Newport Academy Teen Mental Health Resources Happy Healthy Holidays
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Healthy, Happy Holiday Rituals

Each year, we join our family and friends to celebrate the holiday season. For some of us, this can be stressful. Too much time around triggers and not enough time practicing self-care can lead to burnout. This is especially true for teens. We love the holidays for all sorts of reasons. But some are not […]

Newport Academy Empowering Teens Resources: Teen Depression Three Ways to Help Kids Build Resilience
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Teen Depression: Three Ways to Help Kids Build Resilience

By Heather Senior Monroe, LCSW It’s never too early to start teaching your child “mental health hygiene.” Beginning when they’re very young, kids can begin learning tools for building resilience and well-being that reduce chances of teen depression. Here are three of the most important ways parents can help children stay healthy and happy as […]

Newport Academy Mental Health Resources Adventure Therapy
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Adventures that Heal: Teen Mental Health and Experiential Learning

By Tim Walsh, Director of Experiential Learning The healing process can actually be fun. In fact, it can be an adventure! First of all, the obvious fact is that Adventure Therapy gets kids outdoors in the beauty of nature. They learn life skills and build confidence. Furthermore, they gain resilience—a powerful tool—in exciting and challenging […]