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FOX61 News Features Newport Academy as Industry Leader in Holistic Teen Rehab

By  Katy Corrado, FOX61 News Anchor/Reporter A Different Kind of Teen Treatment BETHLEHEM -- Newport Academy is a teen treatment center in Bethlehem, addressing mental health issues, eating disorders and substance abuse. The center combines traditional clinical therapy with experiential therapy, exposing teens to things like yoga and hiking in the Litchfield Hills. Among its [...]
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Empowering Teens

Newport Academy Featured on C-SPAN Washington Journal Segment Discussing ’13 Reasons Why’

On a recent segment of the C-SPAN show, Washington Journal, Caroline Fenkel, Clinician at Newport Academy, spoke on teen mental health and suicide prevention. Caroline discussed the prevalence of teen suicide amid the stir over the new Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. She spoke via video link from New York City with Greta Wodele Brawner, interviewer for C-SPAN Washington […]

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Food and Mood: Teen Nutrition and Mental Health

Teen nutrition is very important. We are what we eat. Furthermore, that applies not just to our bodies, but also to our minds. An increasing number of scientific studies show that there is a direct link between diet and mental health. Moreover, this is particularly true for children and teens, whose brains and bodies are [...]
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The Way of Mentoring — a Q&A with Crit Callebs

As a mentor and therapeutic facilitator at Newport Academy, Crit Callebs works with teens and their families. Crit uses traditional storytelling and awareness activities to guide them in discovering their inner strength. He focuses on connecting youth with the power of choice. And he helps people understand that they write their own life story. They […]

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The Power of Meditation for Teen Mental Health

By Jamison Monroe, Jr. Teen meditation is a powerful tool for healing. Ongoing research supports the role it can play in mental health and recovery. Meditation and mindfulness offer a powerful intervention for teen mental health struggles. Less stress. Teens who practice meditation regularly note lower stress More restorative than gym class. Students in one study report [...]
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Yoga for Teen Mental Health

By Jamison Monroe, Jr. Yoga and Teen Mental Health Yoga is a powerful tool for promoting teen mental health—naturally. This ancient practice is surprisingly effective. It enhances health and well-being, protects against substance abuse, and helps teens learn self-care. Building the Brain For adolescents, whose brains are still developing, learning to self-regulate is key to a healthy […]