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Newport Academy Mental Health Resources TWLOHA Teen Suicide Prevention
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A Way Forward: Newport Academy Partners with TWLOHA to Prevent Teen Suicide

Teen Suicide Prevention Teen suicide is a serious and frightening problem. National Suicide Prevention Week, September 10–16, and World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10 were created to raise awareness around this issue. In honor of National Suicide Prevention Week and World Suicide Prevention Day, the nonprofit To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA) launched [...]
Newport Academy Mental Health Resources Truth About Mental Health Stigma Hero
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Teen Mental Health Stigma and How to Fight It

Teen Mental Health Stigma Teen mental health stigma is serious. Facing and fighting a mental health or substance use disorder is hard enough. But there’s another layer of pain that often comes with mental health conditions. This is dealing with other’s reactions to them. Stigma describes the negative attitudes held by individuals and society. This [...]
Newport Academy Empowering Teens Resources: Back To School Tips
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Back to School: Tools, Tips, and How to Thrive

It’s almost time to say goodbye to the lazy, hazy days of summer. Heading back to school can create stress. Busy schedules, academic pressure, and lack of sleep can raise anxiety levels. Furthermore, we have less time to relax and connect with each other. With that in mind, here are some strategies to help the [...]
Empowering Teens Resources: Failure is Healthy for Teens
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Why Failure is Healthy for Teens

Nobody likes to fail. But for a teenager, failure can feel like devastation. When your ego and identity are still forming, what might seem like small failures to others can cause heartbreak and self-blaming for teens. Whether it’s rejection by someone they’re crushing on, a poor score on the SATs, or a loss in a [...]
Teen Mental Health Resources: Power of Writing
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The Power of Writing and Journaling for Mental Health

Writing has been used as a tool for healing for hundreds of years. Translating our thoughts and feelings into written words offers a host of benefits that support growth and teen mental health. The tradition of journal writing dates back to 10th-century Japan. Ever since then, people have been using expressive writing (writing about the [...]
Newport Academy Empowering Teens Resources: Teen Independence
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How Parents Can Navigate Teen Independence

Toddlers are famous for saying, “I want to do it myself!” But the quest for independence continues long past those early years. And it reaches its peak during adolescence, when teens are forming their identity through differentiating themselves from their parents. Finding Balance From the Beginning Is Key Striving for independence is an essential part [...]
Newport Academy Mental Health Resources How To Talk To Teens Hero
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How to Talk to Teens

How do you talk to teens? Parents have been trying to figure this out for a long time. Talking to teens isn’t always easy. But it’s more important than you might imagine. An ongoing, meaningful connection between kids and parents is key. In addition, it is one of the most powerful factors in supporting teen [...]