Blake Kinsey

Blake Kinsey: Director of Admissions of Newport Academy


Blake Kinsey

Blake Kinsey brings to Newport Academy extensive experience in finance and admissions. In addition, he has strong skills in communication, interpersonal relationships, and creative conflict resolution. Blake is the Vice President of Admissions at Newport Academy. He works closely with incoming clients and families to ensure all specific needs are met. Also, he serves as a liaison with insurance companies to guarantee coverage for clients’ treatment needs.

Blake’s past experience includes managing companies’ insurance contracts, benefits, policies, and managed care. He worked with employer groups and state, local, and academic entities to fund treatment costs. Furthermore, he developed strategies for holding insurance companies accountable for providing coverage to their members.

Blake’s priority as Vice President of Admissions is to identify each individual’s and family’s unique needs and guide them toward the right solution. He selects his team members and develops their strengths to ensure that each client and family receives assistance in the admissions process by someone who truly understands their situation and how to help them overcome it.

Blake was born and raised in Alaska where he later attended the University of Alaska in Anchorage.

Newport Academy…in his own words

“I’ve been in the shoes of our clients, and I know how difficult it can be not only to struggle, but also to identify and execute a plan for overcoming that struggle. At Newport Academy, I get to help families first see that a solution exists, then identify what that solution is, and finally execute a plan to move toward that solution. Simply put, Newport Academy is the program I wish I had when I was a teenager. We approach each client and family as unique, and develop the best possible plan for them, utilizing a wide range of modalities and interventions. Everyone’s experiences and interpretations of life are individual to them; therefore, treatment must cater to specific needs and personalities as well.” — Blake Kinsey