Residential Teen Anorexia Treatment

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Are you looking for a residential teen anorexia treatment program for your teen? If so, there are a number of things that you should know to make sure that your child is getting the best treatment possible.

Residential Teen Anorexia Treatment

There are a number of different residential anorexia treatment programs out there. One of the first things to look for is whether or not the program is fit for your teen. When seeking teen anorexia treatment, it’s important to only consider programs specifically for teenagers.

Other Questions to Take Into Consideration:

Offers Assessment

Careful screening applicants is another must for any good residential teen anorexia treatment center. They must make sure that they are able to provide solid services for your child and the only way to know that is to provide a thorough assessment.

Provides the Right Treatment Length

Residential teen anorexia treatment programs should last between three and 12 months for best results. The extended time gives your child the opportunity to learn how to cope with her illness but to implement these new skills.

Has the Right Facilities and Amenities

Choosing a residential teen anorexia treatment facility that has a home-like feel instead of an institutionalized feel will give your teen a better chance at success.

Offers Education

Long-term residential teen anorexia means missed school for your child. Choosing a program that works with your child’s school to provide education during treatment is a must.

Has the Ability to Engage Your Teen

Treatment centers that offer the opportunity for your teen to find new hobbies are invaluable. Teens are successful in treatment if they find new healthy coping mechanisms. Choose a program that offers interesting experiential therapy options.

Involves the Family

The family is one of the first things damaged in a teenager’s life when anorexia is an issue. Choosing a residential teen anorexia treatment center that addresses family issues is extremely important in helping your child heal.

Hires Experienced Staff Members

Make sure that the staff at the residential anorexia treatment center you choose are not only well educated specialists in eating disorders and treatment but in the development of teenagers. Also, ensure that there is a small client-staff member ratio at all times to ensure that your teenager receives the care and attention she needs.

Provides Aftercare Services

No matter how effective the anorexia treatment center, the chances of falling back into old patterns after returning home are high for your teen. Fight against this by choosing a treatment program that offers aftercare services and extended support post-treatment.

Proven and Effective Treatment

Though there is no such thing as solid numbers on outcome and success, ask any residential teen anorexia treatment program that you are considering for information about completion and subsequent behavior of past clients. This will help you know what they are looking for in determining the success of their program and prepare you for what to expect to see develop or change in your teen.

Residential Teen Anorexia Treatment at Newport Academy

At Newport Academy, we offer an extensive residential teen anorexia treatment program. Please contact us today to see how we can help your teenager recover from anorexia.