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Newport Academy Treatment_Resources_Gender Specific Treatment Works

Why Gender-Specific Treatment Works

Gender-specific environments are a part of a well-rounded rehabilitation treatment program, but why? Do biological and behavioral factors leading to self-destruction vary for males and females? How much does age matter? The answers are nuanced and research reveals new information. Studies show men and women are impacted differently by mental health struggles, especially addiction. What, how, and why people [...]
Newport Academy Outcomes


At Newport Academy, we are dedicated to long-term, sustainable healing. We take the success of our clients very seriously. To this point, we monitor 15 different treatment goals concerning family, academics, and behavior. The five graphs on this page show exceptional outcomes as a result of Newport Academy’s various treatment programs.* Depression, Stress & Anxiety […]

Newport Academy Treatment Resources: Teen Mental Health Treatment

Teen Mental Health Treatment

During adolescence, hormones and social pressures collide and many teens act out in a variety of troubling ways. Teens might become moody, angry and secretive, and they may suddenly demand extra sleep. As parents of teens know, these changes seem to appear overnight, and they can dissipate just as quickly. For some teens, however, the […]

Newport Academy Treatment Resources: Teen Mental Health Grief and Substance Abuse

Grief and Substance Abuse

Grief and substance abuse often go hand in hand. The word “grief” may sound too heavy and intense to apply to teenage experiences, but in fact, teens have powerful responses to loss. Our culture tends to associate grief with adult emotional processes, while overlooking the fact that children and teens also grieve after losing a […]

Newport Academy Treatment Resources: Cutting Addiction

Teen Cutting Addiction

For parents, discovering that their has a cutting addiction is often shocking. From the very first moment parents lay their eyes on their children, they’re consumed with keeping them safe. Parents of toddlers hover nearby during the child’s wavering first steps, hands outreached to catch and stop a fall. At the playground, parents watch from […]

Newport Academy Treatment Resources: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

In the past, experts thought that obsessive-compulsive disorder was relatively rare, impacting very few people at any given time. Now, it’s widely accepted that obsessive-compulsive disorders are much more common than previously thought, and since this is a disorder that commonly begins during childhood or adolescence, it’s one of the most common mental illnesses found […]

Newport Academy Empowering Teens Resources: Options For High School Dropouts

Panic Disorder

Parts of the brain function as interpreters, but for teens with panic disorders, these interpreters don’t work quite right. In a healthy person, signals from the body are analyzed, and the brain comes up with a narrative that is used to make sense of those signals. The person’s stomach begins to churn and grumble, and […]

Newport Academy Treatment Resources: Teen Mental Health Treatment Anger Management

Teen Anger Management

There are times when anger issues can translate into serious health and conduct problems for the teen, resulting in the need for teen anger management treatment. Teens can be angry creatures. They might yell at their friends, slam doors or burst into curses when their favorite team doesn’t win the championship. It’s perfectly understandable. Adolescence […]