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Teen Depression: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment | Newport Academy

Teenage Depression Treatment

Teen depression is a serious mental health problem. It causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest in activities. In addition, it affects how a teenager thinks, feels, […]

Teen Rehab Treatment Program | Newport Academy

The Best Teen Treatment Center in the Nation

As reported by the National Institute of Drug Abuse, residential treatment requires an adequate period of time. As a result, this generates lasting change. The minimal length of teen residential treatment is determined […]

Newport Academy Treatment_Resources_Gender Specific Treatment Works

Gender-Specific Treatment & Why it Works

Gender-specific environments are a part of a well-rounded rehabilitation treatment program. Why is gender specific treatment for teens so successful? Do biological and behavioral factors leading to self-destruction vary for males and […]

Newport Academy Treatment Resources: Teen Mental Health Treatment

Teen Mental Health Treatment

Teen mental health and mental health treatment are incredibly important topics for parents. During adolescence, hormones and social pressures collide and many teens act out in a variety of troubling ways. Teens […]

Newport Academy Treatment Resources: Teen Mental Health Grief and Substance Abuse

Grief and Substance Abuse

Grief and Substance Abuse Grief can impact teens signficantly. Teens have powerful responses to loss. Our culture tends to associate grief with adult emotional processes. In addition, we overlook the fact […]

Newport Academy Empowering Teens Resources: Options For High School Dropouts

Panic Disorder

Parts of the brain function as interpreters. For teens with a panic disorder, these interpreters don’t function properly. Normally, signals from the body are analyzed, and the brain comes up […]