Music Therapy

Music has a profound impact on our lives. It can positively affect mental health, boost the immune system, alleviate stress, reduce anxiety, and improve mood. Hence, Newport Academy’s therapeutic approach in like manner, focuses on unlocking emotions and self-expression through varied formats. Music Therapy provides an outlet for both artistic experiences and internal healing. Whether they’re learning a specific instrument, or attending our most popular Rock to Recovery class, teens learn to acknowledge and express their deep-rooted emotions through the use of music. In addition, they connect with one another as they make music together.

Rock to Recovery

In our Rock to Recovery class, teens are guided through the inspiring process of making music. They also work together as a group to write a song. Additionally, at the end of each session, their songs are recorded and uploaded to Sound Cloud to be shared. We’ve found that Rock to Recovery provides the opportunity for residents to bond with one another and explore their innate creativity.

“Music provides us with a safe container within which one can slowly and safely come to terms with built-up emotion that natural body defenses have hidden in the unconscious mind for the preservation of the organism. It also provides humans with the metaphysical space for cathartic experiences to occur, which can bring forth a transcendent awareness for the individual(s) participating.”

Deborah Bradway, MT-BC, from “Music Therapy as a Treatment for Substance Abuse with At-Risk Children and Adolescents”

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