Recovery Lifestyle

Our compassionate Recovery Lifestyle roots itself in the development of a strong sense of self-love coupled with self-acceptance. This especially ensures a lifelong commitment to personal recovery. We establish a foundation for recovery through 12-Step meetings and the 12-Step philosophy. The 12-Step approach to internal growth and spiritual healing is one of our foundational modalities. While residents work with licensed alcohol and drug counselors in individual and group sessions to address their specific needs, we find ways to overcome personal struggles. Recovery work certainly aids the establishment of internal connection, self-awareness, and accountability.

“The way Newport Academy incorporates the recovery model into the program really helps residents find a sense of true connection, both to themselves and to others.”

Gary Fedoroff, Newport Academy Counselor

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Newport Academy Learn More About Our Approach Adventure Therapy

Adventure Therapy includes rock climbing, paddle boarding, surfing, hiking, ropes courses, and kayaking. While developing new skills, teens work through discomfort as they gain confidence and learn to have fun in recovery.
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Learn more about Our Approach: Family Therapy

We treat adolescents in the context of the entire family. Family members participate in weekly therapy, recovery work, and monitored group activities on weekends.
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