Levi & Friends

Levi and Friends: Equine Therapists at Newport Academy


Lucy, Mia, & Friends

The horses at Newport Academy are an important part of the treatment team. Furthermore, our horses receive the best of care. They get time off, Natural Horsemanship partner/relationship training, and routine medical care. This includes dental, chiropractic, and bodywork, as needed. Hence, at Newport Academy, our horses are family.


Levi is a Chestnut Roan Tennessee Walker gelding, born in 1997. He has been at Newport Academy since our Equine Therapy program was launched. Levi is particularly sensitive to body language, perhaps because he is a trauma survivor. He was abused and neglected before we adopted him. It took him a while to trust people again. No one could get near him to pet or interact with him until, one day, a resident approached him holding a halter. Levi walked over and put his head into the halter. Therefore, it was at that moment that Levi chose to be a therapy horse.

Fun Fact: Levi loves apples.


Charlie is a Chestnut Thoroughbred gelding, born in 2008. He has a stunning copper coat. In addition, Charlie loves to play and is naturally curious. His antics provide comic relief for the residents. Because he’s a large horse, learning to work with him helps residents overcome their fears. Once they get to know him, many describe him as a huge puppy. He has warm, caring eyes.

Fun Fact: Charlie loves hugs.


Lucy is a beautiful Palomino Paint mare, born in 2001. She has a flowing white mane and tail. Lucy provides opportunities for the residents to set boundaries and work on assertive communication. She likes to test people to see if they are qualified to be a leader she can trust. In addition, she is known as the sassy one! Lucy helps residents find balance, emotionally and physically. Furthermore, she provides the opportunity for residents to ride her bareback.

Fun Fact: Lucy loves belly scratches.


Jizo is a Dark Bay Thoroughbred gelding, born in 2009. He has the kindest eyes you’ll ever see! Jizo is a retired racehorse who came to Newport Academy with a lot of problems. Despite all of his ailments, Jizo is sweet and quiet and sometimes a little ornery! Jizo is the guardian of the herd who is very watchful and protective. He has a very kind heart and he has a sensitivity for human emotion. He is often the first horse to pick up on how you’re feeling.

Fun Fact: Jizo loves good company!


Mia is a Black and White Spotted Saddle Horse, Mare born in 2005. She came to Newport Academy from a rescue that picked Mia at a horse auction. This means we don’t have any way of knowing what her life was like up until that point. Mia is slow to warm up but once you have proven to her that you are trustworthy, she is very connected and willing. Despite a history of trauma, Mia loves to be touched and groomed and is often the favorite to be painted and decorated. She stands very quietly for these activities.

Fun Fact: She enjoys spending time with her best friend, Spicey out in the field. 


Katniss is a Dark Bay Morgan Mare, born in 2008. She is a very smart, sweet, and welcoming horse. She is very social and often the first to approach and greet you upon arrival. Although she is very friendly and happy to be with you, she likes everything to be on her terms, and if it wasn’t her idea she doesn’t always want to do it. Katniss is working on coping with her frustration when things are not going her way. Working with Katniss and helping her learn can be very rewarding.

Fun Fact: Katniss loves to get up close and personal with you. 


Henry is a Silver Dapple Rocky Mountain Horse, Gelding born in 2011. Henry is a young playful, and very goofy horse. He is also very people oriented and is almost always the first horse to come over and say hi. Henry does not like authority figures and the more you tell him “no, don’t do that!” the more he wants to do it. Henry really enjoys working with families here at Newport Academy and thrives on making people laugh and take themselves a little less seriously. Henry is fun loving and energetic and it’s hard to not crack a smile when you’re around him.

Fun Fact: Henry is very playful and likes to put things in his mouth; toys, fingers, props, etc. 

Newport Academy…in his own words

“Neighhhhhhh.”—Levi, Equine Therapist  (Translation: I love my team at Newport Academy.)