Carter Barnhart

Carter Barnhart - Chief Experience Officer | Newport Academy


Carter Barnhart

Carter Barnhart is Newport Academy’s first-ever Chief Experience Officer (CXO). Her highest priority is optimizing the experience of teens, young adults, and families throughout their time with us. Carter joined the Newport Academy family more than 10 years ago, first as a resident and then as a team member. As a result, she brings her own experience of personal recovery to her work, and is passionate about increasing awareness and reducing stigma around mental health and substance abuse challenges. Carter has served in several different positions at Newport Academy, beginning in the CEO’s office and most recently as the Vice President of Referral Relations. Hence, she has extensive knowledge of every aspect of the treatment experience, including referral relations, service offerings, discharge planning, admissions, and operations.

In addition, Carter serves as Chair of the New York Provider Liaison Association and sits on the board of the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals. She is also the co-founder of the Inspiration Foundation, and speaks frequently at schools, conferences, and hospitals on issues related to adolescent mental health. A graduate of New York University with a degree in the Psychology of Success, Carter is dedicated to supporting teens and young adults on the path to healing.

Newport Academy…in her own words

“Newport Academy creates the ultimate environment for sustainable healing. From the moment a patient walks through the front door of a Newport Academy location, our goal is for them to feel seen and loved. Utilizing evidence-based practices, we provide an environment where teens and young adults can safely address their unresolved traumas and learn to authentically connect with others. Our team goes above and beyond to support clients in making shifts happen, and the results are miraculous. Our staff truly cares, and it makes all the difference.” —Carter Barnhart


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