Caroline Ahlstrom, LMFT



Caroline Ahlstrom, LMFT

Caroline Ahlstrom, LMFT, brings 15 years of professional experience as a clinical director and therapist. She has worked with both adolescent and adult populations dealing with substance abuse and mental health issues. Before joining the Newport Academy team in 2018, Caroline spent nine years with Corizon Health as a senior LMFT and lead therapist. She has also worked with foster youth in group home settings, and with inmates in both prison and juvenile detention. In her role as a discharge planner and as a speaker and advocate, she supported inmates with HIV as they transitioned back into the community.

My Five Fundamental Beliefs

1. I believe that we need to empower our teens and young adults to help themselves.

They have the solution within, but they often get lost finding it. We need to help them build self-esteem and advocate for themselves, so they can find that solution.

2. Helping families reconnect and develop a new way of communicating is key to the healing process.

Many times, families get stuck in cycles where they have stopped communicating. When they come to Newport Academy, they learn new ways to connect and share their true feelings.

3. Therapists need to support and believe in a client until they are able to believe in themselves.

Our therapists provide a foundation of unconditional support, so that adolescents can learn to accept themselves and families can build on that foundation.

4. We can never give up on a client.

Instead, we must look carefully at the different perspectives and investigate why the teen or young adult may be responding in a certain way. Treatment should not be cookie cutter—what works for one may not work for all. Each individual has specific circumstances in their lives that need to be addressed specifically.

5. Shift happens.

Sometimes the smallest shift can lead to the biggest changes for the client or the family dynamic. Even what seems like a small shift in attitude or perspective can create better understanding for every member of the family.

Newport Academy…in her own words

“I love that fact that we help clients and their families rebuild the foundation of their relationships and overcome family ruptures. With intensive therapy, they are able to make remarkable changes in a short period of time.” — Caroline Ahlstrom

Select Achievements

  • Member of the Board of State and Community Corrections and Financing Program
  • Featured speaker at National Commission on Correctional Health Care conferences
  • Master’s of Psychology from Chapman University, Orange, California
  • Undergraduate degree in cultural anthropology/psychology from the University of Arizona