The Challenge of Los Angeles Addiction Treatment for Teens

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As the 21st century progresses, effective Los Angeles addiction treatment for teens is more important than ever. Adolescent mental health is an issue in Los Angeles, like all other cities in America. And substance use disorder is one of the most important mental health concerns we face. As a result, addiction recovery in Los Angeles is a paramount issue today. Therefore, Newport Academy’s treatment professionals offer support for families navigating LA addiction treatment options.

Los Angeles Addiction Treatment for Teens

Although there are many rehab centers in Los Angeles County, the majority of these treatment facilities cater to adult clientele. When it comes to effective treatment options for teenagers, the choices are fewer. Moreover, many teen rehab centers in LA fail to provide the comprehensive services needed by teens and families in crisis.

For a Southern California recovery center that caters to teenagers to succeed, it needs a well-rounded program that addresses the whole person. Also, addiction treatment for teens cannot be solely focused on substance use disorder. As substance abuse is a mental health issue, sustainable recovery requires treatment of the underlying causes, not just the symptoms.

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Addiction Recovery in Los Angeles

Many rehab centers in Los Angeles fall short and don’t address the underlying problems behind teen drug use. Although a teen’s symptoms may temporarily subside while at a recovery center, the root causes are not treated. Therefore, a risk of relapse remains.

According to renowned addiction theorist Dr. Gabor Maté, childhood trauma is the underlying issue behind the vast majority of substance use disorders. On his website, Dr. Maté expresses a philosophy that applies to addiction treatment: “The question is not why the addiction, but why the pain.”

At Newport Academy, treatment professionals treat substance abuse by addressing mental health issues, including the effects of childhood trauma. Thus, addiction recovery begins with treatment for the whole person—body, mind, and spirit. By asking questions and listening to teens in crisis, effective addiction treatment helps adolescents achieve long-term, sustainable recovery.

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Difficult Questions About Teen Drug Use in Los Angeles

When Newport Academy treats drug use, we begin by addressing questions that parents ask: “Why did my teen veer off course? Did I do something wrong?”

Addiction treatment for teens is not about right and wrong actions. Furthermore, we know that any form of blame simply leads to more damage. Hence, once they begin addiction recovery in Los Angeles, families need to work together to restore health and harmony to the teen and the family system.

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Monitoring the Future of Teens and Los Angeles Addiction Treatment

Drug use in LA is a commonplace reality of high school life. Thus, by examining the latest trends concerning drug use in Los Angeles and nationwide, we can learn more about the nature of the current threat to young people.

To learn more about the need for Los Angeles addiction treatment, review the Monitoring the Future study (MTF). Funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), a part of the Federal Government’s National Institutes of Health (NIH), MTF is the most comprehensive study of its kind.

Known also as the National High School Senior Survey, the MTF is a long-term annual study that surveys trends in drug use in the United States. According to the Monitoring the Future Study compilation of the last five years of available data, 39.9 percent of high school students have tried illegal drugs in the past year.

Marijuana Legalization and Drug Use in Los Angeles

Given the dangers, certain issues need to be clarified. Without question, some drugs are more dangerous than others. According to the 2017 MTF study, the statistics for cocaine usage, hallucinogenic usage, and narcotics usage hover between 2 and 5 percent for 12th graders. These drugs are not necessarily at the heart of the problem.

However, the MTF study shows that 16.5 percent of high school seniors have abused prescription pills. Since prescription drugs can often be found in the medicine cabinets of family members, they are accessible to teenagers. Given the number of deadly overdoses caused by prescription drugs, such abuse is incredibly dangerous to teens in Los Angeles and nationwide.

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An Unparalleled Level of Care in Southern California

Ultimately, the challenge of teen addiction treatment in LA  is first recognizing the problem and then taking proactive steps. Thus, Newport Academy has built a proven track record of providing such aid and guidance. Indeed, our rehab facilities nationwide, offer the very best in teen treatment services that address the whole person—mind, body, and spirit.

As Newport Academy founder Jamison Monroe explains, “We offer family-focused and results-oriented programs that treat the underlying causes and conditions of destructive behaviors. It is from a foundation of compassion and love that we provide an unparalleled level of care for teens and families.”

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