Newport Academy Well-being Resources: Yoga for anxiety

Yoga for Anxiety and Depression

Reading Time: 6 minutes During a time when 70 percent of teens are struggling with their mental health, the need for accessible stress-management tools is greater than ever before. Yoga is one of the […]

Newport Academy Restoring Families Resources Holiday Family Connection Hero
Restoring Families

How to Create Healthy Holiday Connections

Reading Time: 6 minutes Sometimes holiday gatherings can be stressful. Even when we’re surrounded by loved ones, making positive holiday connections is often challenging. But it helps to stay grounded and centered within ourselves. […]

Empowering Teens

How to Make Healthy Habits Stick

Reading Time: 6 minutes New Year, New Healthy Habits: How to Make Positive Life Changes At the beginning of this year, what new healthy habits did you decide to adopt? Resolutions are popular early in the […]