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10 Questions About Your Teen’s Mental Health

What Support Does Your Teen Need?

Answer these 10 questions to identify red flags and understand how you can best support your teenager’s mental health. 


Do they sleep until late in the day, and/or have trouble falling asleep at night?

Have they lost interest in activities and hobbies they used to enjoy?

Is their room messy and disorganized, and/or have they become less attentive to their personal grooming?

Have you noticed any signs of possible substance abuse, such as bloodshot eyes, secretive behavior, and/or unexplained irritability?

Have you noticed any significant changes in their weight or eating habits?

Do they tend to withdraw into their room, stay on their phone constantly, and avoid interacting with you?

Do they express low self-esteem or worthlessness—for example, making statements like “I can never do anything right” or “I hate my life”?

Have you noticed any signs of self-harm, such as unexplained cuts or bruises, wearing clothes that cover up their skin even in warm weather, or blood stains on bedding, towels, or tissues?

Do they have extreme mood swings from one day or even hour to the next?

Are their grades in school slipping and/or are they missing assignments?

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