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Teenage Counseling Services in Fairfax, VA

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The Newport Academy teenage counseling & outpatient program in Fairfax, Virginia, is tailored for teens who are experiencing anxiety, depression, substance abuse, or other mental health concerns, and who may also be falling behind in their academic and social-emotional progress as a result. Through a comprehensive, evidence-based plan tailored for each individual and incorporating a robust family therapy counseling component, we help teens and families reestablish a solid foundation for thriving.

Virginia Mental Health Statistics

Like their peers around the country, adolescents in Virginia are struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, and other mental health conditions. More than 15 percent of Virginia teens suffer from major depression, yet less than half of them receive any mental health services at all.

Newport Academy’s outpatient program in Fairfax VA is helping to address this gap in mental healthcare in the state, by providing teens with integrated, evidence-based care while helping them to build supportive peer communities. Our model of care incorporates teenage counseling services, including teen depression therapy, with local parent support groups and family therapy in our Fairfax mental health center. Both young people and parents gain tools for better communication and enhanced family harmony.

Learn more about our outpatient programming, including our levels of care, our clinical model, and our academic differentiators.

Comprehensive Solutions for Teenage Counseling in Fairfax

Our Newport Academy Fairfax outpatient location features art and music studios and cozy, home-like spaces for group therapy sessions. It is located on Willow Brook Corporate Drive, close to shops, restaurants, and Tysons Corner, and easily accessible to downtown Washington DC.

Serving Virginia Through Collaborative Partnerships

Newport Academy prioritizes our relationships with other individuals and entities that are working to support youth and expand access to adolescent mental healthcare. In the Fairfax area, we partner with a number of community organizations and providers, including hospitals, school systems, and local referring professionals.

Special Offerings at Newport Academy Fairfax

Each client’s daily schedule at our Virginia outpatient location includes a blend of scientifically validated clinical and experiential modalities, ranging from CBT, DBT, and Attachment-Based Family Therapy to art and music therapy. Clients also do yoga and meditation and participate in Adventure Therapy excursions in Great Falls Park and other local nature preserves.

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“The effort, commitment, and passion of our team here in Fairfax is endless, and we get to witness the positive impact on our teens and families every day. To be instrumental in their healing journey is the most meaningful part of what we do.”

— Najah Dail, LPC, LCPC, Newport Executive Director of Outpatient Services, Fairfax

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Newport Academy Virginia Outpatient FAQs

What is the difference between teen inpatient and teen outpatient treatment?

While attending a teen outpatient program, your child is in programming during the day or afternoon, and is at home overnight and on weekends. In inpatient treatment, teens live on-site at a residential location while receiving treatment. Both residential treatment and the highest level of outpatient care (a Partial Hospitalization Program, or PHP) typically include an academic component. If your teen needs more than teenage therapy services or outpatient programming, we encourage you to learn more about our residential treatment and contact us to determine the best fit for your child.

What’s the difference between a PHP, an IOP, and outpatient services?

The main difference between Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), and outpatient services is the amount of time your child spends in treatment. At the PHP day program level, adolescents attend all-day programming, five days a week. The IOP level is usually five afternoons a week, following the client’s attendance at their home school. Outpatient services refer to the lowest level of teen outpatient treatment, with programming provided fewer than five afternoons a week, depending on the client’s and family’s needs and goals.

What happens in outpatient therapy at Newport Academy Virginia?

In a teen outpatient program, clients typically have a structured daily schedule that includes individual and group therapy sessions, experiential modalities, and time in the classroom focusing on academics and life skills. Depending on the day and the outpatient program location, teens may be doing yoga or a ropes course, making art or music, doing community service with their peers, or participating in family programs that involve parents and siblings in the healing process.

Are teenage counseling and outpatient adolescent mental health the same?

Teen outpatient treatment encompasses teen therapy and much more. A PHP, IOP, or outpatient services for your child will provide a wide range of therapeutic and academic experiences, while offering a stable and supportive community and addressing the entire family’s needs.

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