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Newport Academy Well-Being Resources: Great Summer Reads for Teens and Parents

Great Summer Reads for Teens and Parents

At Newport Academy, we love to encourage families to read together. There are so many great books out there that not only tell intriguing stories, but also inspire us. Our favorite books include memoirs and non-fiction in which amazing teachers open up about their own struggles and their journey to a happier life. Reading is [...]
Newport Academy Well Being Resources Teen Sleep Hero

Why Teens Need Sleep More Than Anyone

Sleep is crucial for life. We all know how it feels to face the morning after a night of less-than-optimal sleep. Lack of sleep can make us grumpy, unable to focus, and more negative about life in general. And this is especially true for teens. Sometimes it can be hard to sort out the reasons [...]
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What Sugar is Really Doing to Your Brain and Body

Sugar—The First Drug Many of us grew up hearing the catchphrase—on television, or in our heads as we walked down the cereal aisle—“Frosted Flakes, they’re more than good, they’re GREAT!” Tony the Tiger and his infamous jingle have kept cereal bowls full of sugarcoated flakes for decades. And he’s not the only one; before Tony [...]
Newport Academy Empowering Teens Resources: A Way of Mentoring
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The Way of Mentoring — a Q&A with Crit Callebs

As a mentor and therapeutic facilitator at Newport Academy, Crit Callebs works with teens and their families. Crit uses traditional storytelling and awareness activities to guide them in discovering their inner strength. He focuses on connecting youth with the power of choice. And he helps people understand that they write their own life story. They […]

Newport Academy Mental Health Resources: Ways to Start Your Day With Less Anxiety
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8 Ways to Start Your Day With Less Anxiety

By Amy Marturana Morning anxiety is real. Here’s how to shut it down. Plenty of daily events can cause anxiety. Whether it’s triggered by stress at work, relationship problems, current events, or any other emotional event, everyone knows how it feels to be anxious, worried, or panicked. But, for some people, simply waking up in […]