Homeschooling: A Toolbox + Strategies for Supporting Teens with Learning Differences

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Newport Academy’s Ryan Fedoroff, M.Ed., National Director of Education and Kristin Wilson, MA, LPC, Vice President of Clinical Outreach join with parents from across the country in our Parent University webinar series to discuss a toolbox and strategies for supporting teens with learning differences through virtual learning.

Parent University Webinar

Ryan Fedoroff brings a decade of academic leadership and classroom experience to her role at Newport Academy. As an educator, she is passionate about working with high-risk adolescents and is trained in restorative practices. Ryan works with the Marin County (California) Youth Court and is a member of various community organizations working to combat youth substance abuse. She develops educational and intervention programs to prevent teen mental health struggles and drug use.

In this interactive webinar, Ryan Fedoroff, our featured speaker, provides parents across the United States with a toolbox and strategies for supporting teens with learning differences through virtual learning, including:

  • How to approach supporting your child with school work without anxiety and frustration
  • How to monitor without micromanaging and making sure to avoid power struggles
  • How to help your child advocate for themselves
  • Resources for online support for kids having challenges with the virtual learning

Our Family-Centered Approach

At Newport Academy, the family is a primary focus of our treatment process as we recognize that sustainable healing for teens and young adults involves treating the entire family as a unit.  We support families while working to restore harmony, hosting family counseling to practice the coping and communication skills that are essential to building a healthy family. Through authentic connections with themselves, their peers and families, sustainable healing is possible; fear is replaced with love and disconnection is worked into connection, and the power of connection has never been more important than now.

Thus, we are dedicated to providing unwavering support for parents, by gathering together as a community, to offer resources, guidance and tools for parents navigating throughout these uncertain times.