Teenage Marijuana Use Treatment Options

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Teen rehab for marijuana use is usually inpatient treatment or outpatient treatment and there’s a lot to determine when figuring out whether outpatient or inpatient teen marijuana rehab is better for your child. Here at Newport Academy, we can talk to you about your child’s needs and your family’s needs and we want you to know you are never alone. We will work with you and your family to identify a plan that works for everyone.

Outpatient Teen Marijuana Rehab Options

Outpatient teen marijuana rehab can provide your child with the treatment necessary to get better if your teen is struggling with marijuana use. In an outpatient rehab program, teens can participate in recovery while still attending school, which provides a sense of balance.

Parents will need to be active participants in their child’s marijuana rehab program. In addition, they will need to attend family educational classes and family therapy sessions each week. They will also need to remain vigilant and ensure that their teen is not relapsing at home. Participating teens will undergo regular drug tests. They will also attend personal therapy and experiential therapy. Lastly, they participate in family therapy and take part in educational classes as well.

Inpatient Teen Marijuana Rehab Options

Inpatient teen marijuana rehab is the most comprehensive approach. Screening assessments that cover psychological, social, behavioral, and medical factors are done first. Your child is placed into a level of treatment that meets them where they are.

An integrated treatment plan is developed that includes six hours of personal and family therapy, 12 hours of group therapy and 12 hours of experiential therapy each week in addition to their individual education plan (IEP) developed with their school to keep them on track academically. Family involvement is a key part of the program during inpatient treatment. The goal is to help the whole family heal. Through such healing, families develop the strength to succeed together moving forward.

Which Marijuana Rehab Option is Best Suited for your Teen?

This is a question that you should answer by speaking with a professional counselor. It is best to discuss the issues teens are facing. This can include co-occurring disorders, medical problems, and addiction issues. You and our healthcare staff can help you decide whether or not outpatient or inpatient care would be more appropriate for your child.

In some cases, finances will factor into the decision. Outpatient treatment is sometimes less expensive than inpatient teen rehab. However, both require a significant time investment from parents and guardians. Oftentimes, inpatient treatment is an important first step that later leads to outpatient treatment support. The goal is to stabilize a teen in a safe environment and ensure that they are getting the help they need with the growth you and your family had hoped for. Indeed, the safety and the support offered by inpatient treatment contributes greatly to successful outcomes. A successful outcome is the number one goal for every teen here at Newport Academy.

The type of treatment you choose should depend upon your child’s specific needs.

Marijuana Rehab Options at Newport Academy

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