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Positive Treatment Outcomes at Newport Academy

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At Newport Academy, we are dedicated to long-term, sustainable healing. This is evident in our positive treatment outcomes. We take the success of our clients very seriously. Therefore, we monitor 15 different treatment goals concerning individual treatment success. In addition, these include family, academics, and overall behavior. The five graphs on this page show positive treatment outcomes as a result of Newport Academy’s various treatment programs.*

Treatment Outcomes Start With Positive Behavior

To begin, we focus on behavior. Behavioral issues are often caused by underlying trauma. Hence, we address the causes of mental health challenges and substance use and negative behaviors are greatly reduced. The ultimate goal is to shift negative behaviors into positive ones. Such positive behaviors encourage positive lifestyle. This helps teens and families embody true change. For example, one of the ways we do this is by channeling the negative behavior into positive behaviors like creative expression and physical activities.

The staff at Newport Academy helps clients improve their quality of life. Therefore, we promote healthy, positive behaviors. In turn, this impacts academics. The healthy habits lead to greater focus. Consequently, we favor a healthy work ethic based in self-reward. This builds lifelong self-esteem. As a result, when academic achievement connects to positive self-esteem, clients are motivated. Therefore, performance improves.

Family Mental Health

Our positive treatment outcomes can lead to improvements in family life. The positive behaviors lead to greater self-awareness and tolerance. The old negative behaviors that led to family tension are replaced by new positive patterns. Hence, these behaviors promote understanding and support. As clients learn to respect themselves, they demonstrate greater respect for their families. Such respect is sustainable. In conclusion, our program statistics prove this to be true.

A Deeper Look into the Positive Treatment Outcomes

Depression, Stress & Anxiety

Clients experience significant decreases in feelings of teen depression, stress, and anxiety during treatment. These levels continue to decrease for three to six months upon discharge from the program.

Drug & Alcohol Use

Clients experience a dramatic decrease in cravings and use during the three to six months following treatment.

Eating Disorders, Suicidal Thoughts and Self Harm

Clients experience significant decreases during treatment. And this continued to decrease slightly or remain at these low levels during the three- and six-month periods after discharge.

School Performance

Academic performance improves dramatically during treatment at Newport Academy. In addition, students report that participation, motivation, and grades remain at a high level during the three to six months following program participation. Our individualized instruction makes an impact.

Family Dynamics

Family interaction improves dramatically during treatment. In addition, clients report increases in healthy communication. Furthermore, they experience feelings of love and support during this time. Furthermore, this continues three to six months following program participation. Communication improves during these time periods as well.

By improving overall behaviors, academic approaches, and family dynamics, Newport Academy opens the door to sustainable success and positive treatment outcomes. From years of working with parents of clients and families, we have a good sense of what you want for your child. Indeed, your goals are our program goals as well. Ultimately, we want your teen to succeed and thrive in their personal life and beyond. By applying our experience and knowledge, we can help your teen get back on the right track.

*Ongoing outcome studies conducted by the Medical Quality Assurance Committee, David Smith, MD, FASAM, Barbara Nosal, PhD, LMFT, CADC, and Jessica Hines, MA

Photo credit: Chris Koursouros