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What Sugar is Really Doing to Your Brain and Body

Sugar—The First Drug Many of us grew up hearing the catchphrase—on television, or in our heads as we walked down the cereal aisle—“Frosted Flakes, they’re more than good, they’re GREAT!” Tony the Tiger and his infamous jingle have kept cereal bowls full of sugarcoated flakes for decades. And he’s not the only one; before Tony [...]
Newport Academy Mental Health Resources: The Adolescent Mind on Meditation
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The Adolescent Brain on Meditation

By Jamison Monroe, Jr.  Mindfulness Heals Those of us in the field of mental health and addiction recovery have known for years—through personal experience and observation—that mindfulness practice is an incredibly powerful tool for healing. Now science is backing that up, unquestionably.  Take this stat, for example: A review study at Johns Hopkins found that […]

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Depression in American Teenagers: Facts and Solutions

Depression and American teenagers seem to go hand in hand. Today’s youth face many challenges. The pressure for academic success can be overwhelming. Family troubles can plague students in and out of the home, causing worry and stress. Adolescents often don’t know how to express emotions or may not want to share difficulties for fear […]

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Health Effects of Teen Smoking

Cigarettes used to be instrumental to human life. World War II-era soldiers were even provided with a ration of tobacco, tucked in amid their cheese slices and bacon bits. Much of this changed in the mid-1970s, the Los Angeles Times reports. Military officials realized that soldiers who smoked didn’t perform as well on athletic tests as solders […]

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Teen Substance Abuse Statistics

Drug and alcohol use in teens runs rampant in this country, and often the parents of the afflicted teens are completely unaware. It’s downright scary to look at teen substance abuse statistics in the United States. Read on to find out what’s going on, then decide for yourself if it’s worth taking a very careful […]

Newport Academy Substance Abuse Resources: Butane Honey Oil Use
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Concerns of Butane Honey Oil Abuse

Butane honey oil is something parents need to be aware of. Parents who want to keep up with their children’s drug-using habit may follow their noses. A quick whiff of a child’s breath could help a perceptive parent detect the presence of all sorts of substances. This includes alcohol, cough syrup, solvents, and marijuana. Unfortunately, a […]

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New Inhaled Caffeine Product Has Potential for Abuse

A new inhaled caffeine product called Aeroshot has hit the shelves with no age restrictions at convenience stores. This product was created by Harvard biomedical engineering professor named David Edwards. He claims it is safe and less questionable than many of the common energy drinks on the market. These drinks use the additive taurine to intensify the effects of […]