Teen Vicodin Abuse

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While teen drug abuse is down in terms of overall usage across the country, there is one particular area that has healthcare and addiction treatment professionals concerned – Vicodin.

Teen Vicodin Abuse

The most commonly used, and abused, prescription painkiller in the world, Vicodin is a powerful opiate used to help men and women cope with the pain from injury, recovery from surgery and other serious conditions. The euphoric state the drug produces, combine with the opiate elements contained within to create an addictive experience.

Teen Vicodin abuse is on the rise because of the powerful high that the drug produces, as well as increased access to prescription medications across a number of different channels.

Without professional teen drug rehab, it will not take long for a casual relationship with Vicodin to turn into a full-on addiction.

How Does Teen Vicodin Abuse Start?

Most teens are introduced to Vicodin by a friend who assures them that because a doctor originally prescribes the pills – that they are safer than illicit street drugs such as heroin or cocaine. Once the teen begins abusing Vicodin on a regular basis, they may find supplies of the drug in their parent’s medicine cabinet or in the homes of friends and family members.

Why is is it so Dangerous?

Vicodin is one of the most powerful prescription painkillers on the market. It is a highly addictive drug that carries with it a number of side effects and long-term health consequences. For example, taking large amount of Vicodin over an extended period of time can cause liver damage, heart problems and other serious issues.

There are also the social and psychological effects of teen Vicodin addiction.

The boy or girl who has become dependent on Vicodin will put the drug ahead of everything else in her life, allowing her studies to suffer and her personal relationships to fall apart. Many Vicodin addicts will engage in unlawful or unethical behavior in order to support her habit.

Addiction and the Internet

Although few people are aware of it, the Internet is playing a significant role in the rise in teen Vicodin abuse across the United States. Currently, there are thousands of illicit pharmacies doing business over the web – most of which will send out a prescription (or the pills themselves) to anyone with a mailing address and a valid credit card number. For web-savvy teens, this makes it incredibly easy to obtain large quantities of these dangerous drugs.

Getting Help for a Teen Vicodin Problem

If your child is abusing Vicodin – or you believe they have become addicted to the drug – it is essential that you get them help. Teen drug rehab programs help young people overcome the physical and psychological addiction to Vicodin, marijuana and a number of other dangerous drugs.

To get help, parents must start by talking openly and honestly with their child about the seriousness of the situation.

If that does not get the teen to stop using, the next step may call for an intervention. A drug intervention is a chance for friends and family members to come together and illustrate how the Vicodin addiction is impacting the lives of those around the teen. The end goal of the intervention is to have the teen admit that she has a problem – and get her into a teen drug rehab center immediately following the meeting.