Teen Treatment for Drug Abuse in San Clemente

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Despite its stunning ocean views and Spanish Colonial architecture, drug abuse in San Clemente is on the rise. Drug abuse among teens in San Clemente defies the image of the city as a refuge from the stresses of modern life in Southern California.

Indeed, the services of quality Southern California rehab centers for teens like Newport Academy are truly needed. The reason being that the San Clemente community has been exposed to the same influences as the rest of Orange County, including an increase in drug abuse among teens and underage drinking.

Teen Drug Abuse in San Clemente

Teen drug abuse in San Clemente is leading to devastating consequences. According to the San Clemente Times, the local police department reported that drug overdoses were responsible for five deaths within the past year. Furthermore, eight other deaths were also linked to drug abuse among teens being on the rise. It is easier and easier for teens in San Clemente to find and buy drugs. Thus, many families are turning to professional Southern California rehab centers for help.

After all, in today’s drug epidemic, no family and no social class is immune. Drug abuse among teens affects everyone across the board. As a result, the drug abuse in San Clemente resembles the drug abuse among teens that Newport Academy is witnessing nationwide.
It needs to stop, and the combination of teen treatment programs and Southern California rehab centers are fighting this crucial battle in the trenches. The goal is to save your children’s lives and future prospects. Any drug abuse among teens is no longer acceptable period.

Levels of Care in Souther California Rehab Centers

Finding the right level of care for a young person experiencing drug abuse in San Clemente is one of the most important decisions you will make. And as the parent or guardian of a teen, you shouldn’t have to make this decision alone. How do you pick and choose among California rehab centers?

Before enrolling your San Clemente teen in a drug rehab program, at one of the many Southern California rehab centers, please consult a medical professional. They will encourage a medical and psychological assessment first and foremost. Drug abuse in San Clemente demands expertise.

Thus, a quality assessment is a necessity. As a result of such an evaluation, medical professionals can help you determine proper care.

  • Inpatient treatment. Inpatient care is recommended for teenagers suffering from drug abuse or co-occurring disorders. For example, a substance use disorder and another mental health issue such as anxiety or depression.  Also, inpatient is recommended if your teen has unsuccessfully tried previous treatment. At the same time, inpatient treatment is the same as residential treatment, although inpatient treatment often is used to describe the initial detox phase.
  • Residential treatment. A residential rehab program is appropriate for teenagers suffering from drug abuse. San Clemente teen treatment programs include other Southern California rehab centers in Orange County. The key is to address the specific needs of San Clemente teens in relation to their background and experience. Many such teens need a long-term solution to drug or alcohol abuse. Many such treatment programs separate the girls and boys because gender-specific living communities give teens a sense of structure. Additionally, they relieve social pressures so they can give their full attention to recovery.
  • Partial hospitalization. Teens take advantage of therapy, 12-step meetings and other recovery services during the day. Then, they return home at night to be with their families. Given the seriousness of drug abuse in San Clemente, this option might be making a compromise.
  • Outpatient rehab. It is offered as a stand-alone treatment plan or as part of an aftercare program post inpatient rehabilitation. As opposed to the stand-alone option, an outpatient program after treatment at South California treatment centers makes the most sense. Outpatient programs take place at a day center or rehab facility. Here, teens can participate in recovery activities during business hours while continuing with school and living with their families. In addition, social detox, individual therapy, and family counseling are available on an outpatient basis.

San Clemente Teen Treatment Programs and Options

The prosperous community of San Clemente offers a lot of valuable resources to families lacking resources that are in search of a healthy, sober life. The city of San Clemente provides a list of mental health services in the area, many of which are available on a sliding-scale basis for low-income residents. The goal is to make sure that any teen suffering from drug abuse receives the treatment that they need.

Public programs for children and teens in South Orange County include:

  • HCA/Children and Youth Services: Counseling for youth under the age of 18
  • Community Service Program (CSP): Crisis intervention for at-risk youth ages 11 through 17
  • Community Counseling Center: Family therapy and individual counseling on a sliding-scale basis
  • Ala-Teen of Orange County: A 12-step recovery program for teens affected by another person’s drinking, such as a parent
  • Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous: Various 12-step meetings are available throughout Orange County for teens


Newport Academy celebrate the diversity of San Clemente teen treatment programs offered and Southern California rehab centers. At the same time, we understand the severity of the crisis brought on by drug abuse among teens. The danger of teen drug abuse in San Clemente and nationwide cannot be underestimated.

Newport Academy Tackles Drug Abuse in San Clemente

If you are looking for quality help and proven treatment services for your teen, please don’t pick just any of the Southern California treatment centers or jump at the first opinion offered. Rather, given the precious nature of your teen’s well-being, do your homework and find the very best.

Indeed, Newport Academy recommends this strategy when it comes to San Clemente teen treatment programs because we believe in our services and our results. For San Clemente families seeking private rehabilitation services for a troubled teen suffering from drug abuse in San Clemente, Newport Academy offers a comprehensive range of recovery services.

Newport Academy’s programs for teens have been acknowledge for their excellence by national organizations like the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehab Facilities (CARF). The gender-specific residential treatment facilities at Newport Academy promote recovery in comfortable, secure surroundings, where your child can focus exclusively on the healing process.

We are on your side, and we believe drug abuse among teens cannot be tolerated. Take the first step and call us for a confidential consultation. Let us explain how you and your family can start regaining control of your future today, putting drug abuse in San Clemente in your rearview mirror.