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Mission Viejo Rehabs for Teens

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The quiet suburban atmosphere of Mission Viejo could lead one to believe that teenage substance abuse never happens in this tree-lined city.

But drug abuse affects teenagers throughout Orange County, even in the most secure, well-appointed neighborhoods. Keeping kids safe from the dangers of substance abuse is daunting to the parents of Mission Viejo. But with the support of addiction professionals who are trained in treating adolescents, you can help your troubled teen create a positive future.

Does Your Teen Need Treatment?

First of all, talking to your teenagers about the effects of substance abuse may be one of the most effective ways to prevent addiction. Furthermore, communication can only help to deepen sometimes strained relationships.

According to the Partnership at, families can cut the risk by up to 50 percent through communication about drugs and alcohol. But many Mission Viejo parents are still reluctant to talk to their kids. They don’t want to confront the possibility that their children are using drugs. Furthermore, they’re afraid that discussing the issue will only make the problem worse. These feelings are natural.

Ten Signs to Look For

The U.S. National Library of Medicine states that these warning signs may indicate that your child needs professional treatment:

  1. Changes in behavior. Drug or alcohol abuse may make teens irritable, aggressive or even violent. Some teens may withdraw and go through long periods of depression.
  2. Changes in sleep patterns. An adolescent who is suddenly staying up late at night and sleep during the day may be abusing stimulants. Teens who sleep too much may be using depressants like alcohol, opioid pain medications, or tranquilizers.
  3. Changes in appetite or weight. Stimulants like meth or cocaine can curb appetite and promote weight loss. Drinking alcohol or smoking marijuana may increase appetite and cause weight gain.
  4. Changes in speech. An adolescent whose speech is slurred or garbled may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  5. Changes in the appearance of the eyes. Constricted or dilated pupils are potential signs of drug use. Bloodshot eyes are also an indication.
  6. Changes in values. Substance use disorder can turn even an honest teen into a liar or a thief. Teenagers who are sneaking money or stealing valuables from their parents may be abusing drugs. Stealing prescription drugs is another red flag of addiction.
  7. Changes in social activities. When a teenager begins using drugs, he or she will often abandon sober friends and activities in favor of a new crowd. Favorite hobbies and sports may no longer hold any interest.
  8. Changes in academic performance. A sudden drop in grades or a poor attendance.
  9. Changes in personal hygiene. Teens who are using drugs may neglect their personal care and appear sloppy or disheveled.
  10. Changes in wardrobe. Teens who wear long-sleeved shirts in the middle of a Southern California summer or who wear sunglasses after dark may be concealing drug use.

Enrolling Your Mission Viejo Teen in a Rehab Program

Admitting that your adolescent needs teen rehab isn’t easy. Most parents don’t want to face the fact that their son or daughter is struggling with addiction. But once you reach out for help from qualified professionals, you’ll realize that you’re far from alone. Families throughout Orange County are seeking support from public and private rehab facilities for teenagers. Furthermore, professionals can put your mind at ease and offer support.

Options for Teen Treatment

Recovery services are available for every socioeconomic group and for families at all income levels. Therefore, there is no reason to avoid reaching out for help.

The personalized treatment programs at Newport Academy have helped many Southern California families regain hope.

Our clinicians and therapists draw from a wide range of resources to give your teen the best possible chance at a healthy future. In conclusion, even if Newport Academy isn’t the right fit, we are here to help you find the support you need. Our counselors are available to give you information. Please call us today to find out more about our programs.