States Fight Fake ID Use and Underage Drinking

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States Fight Fake ID Use for Underage DrinkingRecent studies have found that approximately 33 percent of college students are carrying a fake ID. Some see this as a pandemic problem, while others view it more as a rite of passage. However, New York is taking steps to make using a fake ID more difficult in the coming years.

“Possession of fake ID among college students is endemic,” explains Steven M Jacoby. Jacoby is a Maryland lawyer who has seen thousands of undergraduates charged with possessing forged identity cards. Jacoby believes possession of a fake ID often leads to greater alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence.

The Empire State is following the lead of Virginia. Since 2009, Virginia has had a hologram in a transparent window on the driver’s license. Hologram images are harder to counterfeit and, therefore, the new IDs may deter many young people from trying to use an illegal form of identification in order to get into bars or buy alcohol.

Where Do Underage Drinkers Get Their Fake IDs?

There has been rise to a large black market for university students seeking a way to purchase alcohol. In fact, experts on the topic explain how it works on many colleges around the country. College students essentially set up a shop in their dorms with fake ID generators at the beginning of each semester and target fellow classmates. With the help of a laptop and a laminating machine, they will pump out anywhere from a few to hundreds of fake IDs in a single week.

In addition to the fly-by-night counterfeiters, there is a plethora of websites based abroad that sell fake US driver’s licenses. These types of sites are not just dangerous for underage drinking but also for more sophisticated criminals and terrorists. This is why the rest of the 48 states may also adopt the new type of driver’s license if the efforts in Virginia and New York prove successful.

Law Enforcement Knows They Will Never Stop Underage Drinking

Police officials in New York are realistic and understand they will never eradicate the problem of underage drinking, especially on college campuses. Nevertheless, they do hope to create as many deterrents as possible. The goal is to stop those young people who aren’t as determined to drink as their peers. Reducing the number of fake IDs saves lives and potentially can halt addiction. If you start binge drinking before the age of 21, you are five times as likely to develop a drinking problem.

Fake IDs have become a common problem that needs to be addressed. By being lax in the enforcement of fake IDs, our society is opening the door to alcohol abuse and binge drinking on college campuses. It’s important to realize that fake IDs are not just used in bars and at restaurants, but also are used to purchase alcohol and kegs from liquor stores.

Julia Martinez is the lead author of the study. She says, “The age limit will never hold some people back, but I think tightening up the law on fake IDs will deter those who are on the fence. For them, I think it’s a worthwhile policy.”

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