Teen Crack Cocaine Rehab

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If you suspect that your teenage son or daughter is using or addicted to crack cocaine, you need to get help immediately.

Teen Crack Cocaine Rehab

Crack is not a drug to take lightly. It is highly addictive, readily available throughout the country, and easy to overdose on.

Your teen needs help to get through the detox process and into rehabilitation.

Why Teens Use Crack

There are a number of reasons that your teen may have turned to using crack cocaine. They might have been looking to escape from the stresses and trials of adolescence or might have caved in to peer pressure. Also, they might have thought that using crack was a way of showing that they are becoming an adult. Whatever the initial reason for the experimentation with crack, if your teen is addicted, they need professional help to recover. 

An Intervention Can Help Your Teen

Many parents who are determined to send their child to teen crack cocaine rehab may question the need for an intervention.

An intervention can provide your teen with a number of benefits, including:

  • The opportunity to see how many people care about what happens to him or her
  • A chance to hear story after story that demonstrates his or her need for treatment
  • The realization that treatment is not a punishment
  • An opportunity to understand what to expect from treatment before they arrive

How to Plan an Intervention

Depending upon your emotional state, planning a teen crack cocaine intervention can be simple or overwhelming.

It’s important that your intervention not be an impromptu event but a meeting that you plan in advance. Map out the details such as where and when you will hold the intervention. Identify who will be present, who will speak, and for how long. Also, you will need to hold a meeting with all participants (except your teen) prior to the intervention. Furthermore, during this meeting, you can make sure that the date and time works for everyone, discuss who will speak and what they’ll say, and allow for participants to ask questions.

Professional Interventionists

If you like, you can hire a professional interventionist to assist you in planning and staging the intervention. A professional will bring objectivity to the event and give you an opportunity to become a participant rather than responsible for running the intervention. He or she will come to your home prior to the intervention to discuss the details with you and your family. The interventionist will be able to answer questions that you or your family members may have about what should and shouldn’t be said, what to expect from the event and what to do depending on the outcome.

Family members may practice what they want to say with the professional interventionist to make sure that it is specific enough and nonjudgmental.

Crack Cocaine Addiction Treatment

The crack cocaine detoxification process for a teen can be physically and emotionally traumatic. They need the help and guidance of trained professionals as their body learns to adjust to life without the drug, as they emotionally learn to fight and overcome their addiction, and as they deal with the depression that often accompanies the detox and initial rehab experience.

You need to be highly selective when seeking out a drug rehabilitation program for your child.

Most addiction experts, today, advocate for a holistic approach to treating addiction to crack cocaine. The best programs treat the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of the addiction, and emphasize self-exploration and growth, including making healthy decisions, establishing life-affirming patterns, and learning to live a clean life.

Because teens are already going through a traumatic time in their life, as they enter adulthood, both their addiction and the recommended treatment programs are different from those experienced by adults who are addicted to crack.

Your teen needs to be in a drug treatment program that specializes in treating addicted and drug-abusing adolescents. Do not think that an adult treatment program will suffice: it won’t. You need to select a rehab center that works with and understands the challenges presented by treating teen addicts.

teen crack rehab

Selecting a Rehab Program for Your Teen

In addition to finding a rehab program that works specifically with teenage crack abusers, and one that advocates for a holistic approach, you also need to choose a rehab center with a proven track record of helping addicted teens throughout the recovery process. Not only does the program need to help your teen’s body through detox, it also must teach the life skills that your child will need when they return to their regular life.

Emphasis on healthy choices, standing-up to peer pressure, building self-esteem, and encouraging self-expression are all essential components to the best drug treatment programs for teenagers.

What to Look for in a Teen Rehab?

It’s important that the teen crack cocaine rehab you choose offer certain things:

  • Medical care if necessary for detox or underlying medical conditions
  • Effective psychotherapeutic care for co-occurring disorders (e.g., eating disorders, depression, anxiety)
  • Academic support and assistance
  • Open communication and progress reports for parents and guardians
  • Separation of boys and girls during treatment and at residences
  • 25+ hours a week of group therapy, personal therapy and experiential therapy
  • Family therapy included throughout the treatment process

Education During Teen Crack Cocaine Rehab

Education should be an important part of your teen’s crack cocaine rehab experience if you opt for an inpatient program. A teen drug rehab should be able to work with your child’s school to develop an academic program for your child that will allow them to keep up with their peers during treatment. At Newport Academy, we have a low student-to-instructor ratio to make sure your child has the one-on-one help that he or she needs to excel at their studies.

Teen Boy or Girl Only Treatment Programs

It is better if you choose a teen crack cocaine rehab that keeps boys and girls separate. Barring a gender-specific facility, you can find teen drug rehab centers like Newport Academy that not only provide separate residences for boys and girls but separate their treatment programs as well. Studies show that programs that don’t mix boys and girls prove to be more effective for teens because they are more focused on their health, therapy, positive peer relationships and recovery.

Types of Crack Rehab for Teens

There are two primary styles of teen crack cocaine rehab programs in the United States: residential and outpatient. Within these two predominant treatment types, there are a number of unique modalities and programs available, however, the decision made between the two is a crucial choice in the pursuit of effective and appropriate treatment.

  • Residential teen crack rehab. When a teen becomes addicted to crack, it is often a necessity to remove them from their environment in order for rehabilitation to work properly. Peer groups, stress, problem at home and other environmental factors all play a role in the continued drug abuse of the teen. Residential rehab programs helps provide a focused, safe environment in which the teen can address the issues that bring about crack abuse and addiction.
  • Outpatient teen crack rehab. For those teens with a less serious drug addiction (if such a thing is possible), there is outpatient rehab. These programs help aid recovery while allowing the child to return home in the evenings. Also, they can maintain a presence at work or school during treatment.
  • Holistic teen crack rehab. Crack cocaine addiction impacts the mind, body and spirit of the individual in a very negative way. Holistic drug rehab programs offer yoga, meditation and other activities designed to enhance focus and promote good health. Usually, holistic practices at these rehab facilities take place alongside detox, counseling and other more traditional methods of care.
  • Aftercare: Weekly sessions and alumni meetings are built into the outpatient teen crack cocaine rehab program. It’s important that your teen takes advantage of 12-step meetings and addiction counseling to reinforce the principles of treatment.

Cost of Teen Crack Addiction Treatment

Different types of teen crack rehab have different costs associated with them. For example, residential treatment tends to cost more than outpatient care (which has a lower overhead and operating budgets).

Insurance and private financing are two popular methods of helping offset the sometimes challenging cost of teen rehab.

It is important to check with your insurance provider before selecting a teen rehab program. However, it is reassuring to know that carriers are increasing rehab coverage as part of their mental health packages.

Teen Treatment: the Untold Benefits for the Future

When your teen is in the grips of a crack addiction, there is no progress made on any of the normal fronts that usually concern teenagers.

School performance, first jobs, healthy relationships, fun times with friends, time spent playing sports or in youth groups – all of this falls by the wayside when teen addiction is an issue. At a teen crack cocaine rehab facility, when your child learns how to find better coping skills that don’t include drugs and alcohol, he has a shot at rebuilding his exploration of these areas of his life.

There’s no way around it: if your teen is living with crack cocaine addiction, the only way to help him is to seek a comprehensive and effective teen treatment program.

Contact us at Newport Academy today to begin the process of getting your child back on track after crack addiction.